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Thread: Dream Vacation

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    Dream Vacation

    Assume you had lots of time and money and no responsibilities. Where would you go for a dream vacation?

    I would love to visit:
    1) Bora Bora
    2) China
    3) Africa (photo safari)
    4) Australia

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    1. Paris
    2. Venice
    3. USA
    4. UK
    5. Australia

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    Nov 2003
    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    1. Africa (safari)
    2. Egypt
    3. China
    4. Ireland
    5. Alaska

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    Jul 2003
    SLC, UT
    I'd love to go back to Mexico. Acapulco, Cancun or even Mazatlan. Well, one can even have fun in Tiajuana.

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    Hypermediocrity Amanda's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Amsterdam. I think pretty much every other place in the world will be fun no matter what age I am, but I need to go to Amsterdam soon if I want to really be able to appreciate it for all its debaucheriffic goodness.

    Oh, and the windmills. That's really why I'd go. The windmills.

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    1. Greece! For the Acropolis, among many others
    2. Egypt- for the pyramids, Valley of the Kings
    3. Munich, Germany- Neuschwanstein

    In that order These are my top 3, and it is my lifelong dream to visit Greece. I've been wanting to go for about, like... 8 years?

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    Nov 2002
    Portland OR
    1. Paris
    2. Greece
    3. Thailand
    4. Italy
    5. Fiji
    Last week, Japanese scientists explaced... placed explosive detonators at the bottom of Lake Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water. Sir Godfrey of the Nessie Alliance summoned the help of Scotland's local wizards to cast a protective spell over the lake and its local residents and all those who seek for the peaceful existence of our underwater ally. ~ Napoleon Dynamite

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    Well with the kids it would have to be Orlando for Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios.

    With just my husband it would be...Alaska, Great Briton, Norway, Australia, and Hawaii.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmandaG
    Amsterdam.........debaucheriff ic goodness.

    Oh, and the windmills. That's really why I'd go. The windmills.

    Ahh, Amsterdam. Definitely one of my dream destinations. Don't forget the tulips you wouldn't want to miss them
    Some people are like slinkies, they're useless until you push them down the stairs.

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    MIA, RIP, or Busy...
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    1) Cruise through the South America/Latin America region
    2) Cruise from California to Alaska and see whales and the glaciers
    3) Germany, Italy, Great Brittain, France
    4) Greece
    5) Australia
    6) Island hopping in the Carribean including the Virgin Islands, Cayman, etc.
    7) Disney Land in Orlando with the kids topped off with a cruise to the Bahamas on Disney cruise lines.

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