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Thread: Snoring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by realitycrazmom
    Now, I know that my husband would never agree to wearing such a contraption, due to the silght chance of a fire or unexpected company at 3:00 am. But if worse comes to worse, it may be worth a try!
    That's too funny!

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    I feel badly for the little snorers of the world. Poor things can't really help it, can they? And they're not really getting a good night's sleep.

    My brother has sleep apnea and just had surgery on New Year's Eve (just over a week ago) to have his palate shaved. Yep, he had the machine and it wasn't good enough, his air passages were too blocked. So they shaved his palate/roof of his mouth (yes I know, this sounded icky to me too! But it's apparently quite common. ), and they removed his adenoids and his tonsils and that little shakey flesh thing (uvula?). I've been sending him smoothies quite frequently.

    Anyhow it's important to get that checked out (the apnea!) because you really can die from it. My brother had intense pressure on his heart from the constant lapses into breathlessness.

    Solution to the sleep-deprived: earplugs. I know several people mentioned this, but I'm tellin' ya, it works. They got me through my dad and brother's snoring, my brother's electric guitar playing, motorcycle revving neighbors (who seemingly like to turn it on and rev the engine but then not go anywhere letting the things idle in the driveway....argh) :rolleyes You put them in...and it's sweet, sweet, silence. I'm tellin' ya! You have to try them! I get these little soft green ones from Target. They're Grrrrrrrrrrreat!

    Cali, I have totally always wanted one of those sunrise alarm things. My dad has one, because he's deaf in one ear and almost deaf in the other. They work great...and you wake up more naturally!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzer
    motorcycle revving neighbors (who seemingly like to turn it on and rev the engine but then not go anywhere letting the things idle in the driveway....argh) :rolleyes
    We must live on the same block. Why oh why do they do this? Also, someone is building a new house on my block and whenever a truck pulls in to make a lumber or concrete delivery, they don't turn off the truck, they let it sit there idling away forever. That low rumbly noise outside my window drives me insane.

    Threadjack over. Earplugs are really great, more effective than a few shots of whiskey for putting you out cold.
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    My husband and the dog snores....I guess I do to but I don't keep myself awake. I do end up on the couch alot, which sort of helps because then I kick the dog off the love seat and she sleeps on my side of the bed and they snore happily together.

    Sleeping on his side makes it better. It's much worse when he has a cold.
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