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Thread: Favorite Toys

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    Re: Favorite Toys

    Quote Originally Posted by inthegarden;3819187;
    Or if you get mad, rake everything off the board. My sister would get frustrated because she had to play with her little sister, who just wanted to play with the game pieces.
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    Re: Favorite Toys

    For someone like myself who tends to lose things, I like the debit card thing-but that's the only positive is that you have less to lose. I actually bought a special edition of Monopoly on clearance at B&N (A Christmas Story) and am considering getting a few more (Seattle Mariners, among them). Keep in mind, we didn't play board games when I was younger, but when my boyfriend and I get our own place we intend to have board game and fondue parties, with our popcorn maker and cotton candy maker.

    My childhood bike, once I learned to ride sans training wheels, was a hand-me-down from my cousin, and it was an ugly lavender thing. When I was 11, I got a Magna mountain bike with 18 speeds, and I thought it was the coolest. I still have it, although it's a rusted up old thing now. Never really had any of the streamers or what not-I kinda grew out of the girly-girl phase by the time I was 8, but now it's back in full force!

    I remember when Razor scooters first came out and they were about $120 apiece-and my mum went to Costco and got two for that price. Needless to say, they're broken. But they were still great fun, and faster than walking! I actually have used them in platforms.

    I mainly was into two things though-dolls and legos. I still have my nice porcelain doll, but I've given up the legos. I never had a Skip-It, only had a couple Hula-Hoops, never even used a Slip/Slide...although I did get the Bop It Extreme and I still love it.
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    Re: Favorite Toys

    What a fun thread! Reading through it, remembering toys from childhood... good times.

    Showing my age, but my very favorite toy was really a set - the Sunshine Family and their little store. I remember there was a booklet of craft projects, too. I loved that thing.
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    Re: Favorite Toys

    I love love loved my Honey Hill Bunch dolls. I was always so proud that I never lost one of their velcro pets. Found out years later that Mom had actually bought a few of them, so when I DID lose a pet, a replacement took its place and I never knew! I think it was because she grew up with Liddle Kiddles and understood the trauma of losing parts of your doll.
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