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Thread: What's the worse job you've ever had?

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    FORT Fogey Glitternerfball's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    That cabbie really earned his wings that day.
    He sure did, but I've had good luck with transportation people here. One day a subway conductor saw me (illegally) putting up signs regarding my "Save A Penny" site. He asked me sternly what it was about, when I told him it was for my cat he proceeding to dig out his wallet and give me a dollar, and then we spoke about his felines until my stop. he even took a couple signs to give to friends.

    I've also gotten free rides to the vet once the cabbies hear my poor kitty crying in the backseat I love NY cabbies (how often do you hear that )

    I think you win the "worst boss ever" title, Glitternergball. Glad you're safely out of that insane asylum.
    Thanks, it was a slightly hard decision to make, as the economy here stinks and I have numerous bills. But it was the right decision, I was albe to live for a couple months off of craft fairs (I design jewelry/Dreamcatchers) focused on my art (sold my fist painting) and then went back to my old temp agency, where i still am today.
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    in a good place
    See, you were right to get out if it resulted in selling your first painting!
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Worst job I ever had was licking envelopes. That is all I did for 8 hours every day between classes. Then I saw that Seinfield episode and quit.

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