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Thread: What's the worse job you've ever had?

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    It was a difficult summer that year. I couldn't find any architectural gigs because of the 1991 recession. I worked... doing telemarketing.... I didn't even last to finish the training. Literally one day. The next day, I started working for a company that literally sold cheap consumer goods on the street. All commission work making like a dollar on each item you sold. If you were good at sales, you could make 50-100 dollars a day. (of course you were also working 12 hours a day and this wasn't exactly in an airconditioned office.)

    I lasted a month, until one day i was so disspirited that I sold 10 things all day....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    Yes I am your SLC neighbor.

    The make-up table was the area in which I put ketchup, mustard, etc on hamburgers. I worked at Maddox Drive-in in Perry.

    Like you need to explain to any Utahn where Maddox is!

    Yeah, that's a pretty sucky job.

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    I spent 3 summers with mop & bucket (4 weeks each summer), cleaning high and low at a big business park.... and I can tell you all this much... I was definitely cleaning areas that were NOT cleaned at all from when I left at the end of the summer till when I came back at the beginning of the next summer... Disgusting! lol. But what can I say, I was a teenager & I needed money

    About two years ago I worked for a jewelery company & sold their jewelery on Ebay. I had a german boss who would come in and tell me how to work the computer even though *I* knew computers very well & he barely knew how to turn one on ....
    Also he'd come in and say "put this ring up on ebay" .... this was in the beginning before I really knew the descriptions of the different cuts of gems and stuff, it was like he would expect me to automatically know carats, cuts, name of gems & price. Knowing all this was NOT a requirement for my position .... my 2nd boss would usually write those stats up for me so I'd get them correct for the ads.
    I didn't stay there for very long.... I'm not sure which one was worse, mopping floors for 4 weeks during my teenage summers or working for him ....

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    The first job I ever had was working at a Dairy Queen when I was in high school. It sucked, but I only had to do it during the summer. I've never eaten there since, and that was 11 years ago.
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    The worst job I've had was one summer in college when I thought "gee, let's see what factory work is like" and I worked at the Solo Cup factory. It just sapped the life out of you, no AC, no windows and the cups and lids were flying off the line and no matter what your job was you had to keep up. I started at the warehouse, but one day I found I could hardly walk. I went to the hospital, turns out I had broken my foot from twisting it so much but I couldn't prove it happened at work (luckily I was still on my parents health insurance). For some reason I kept working there, boxing lids and that was even crazier. Once you got behind it could take an hour to get back to normal; I have never had a job where I watched the clock so much or counted down the days until the job was over - it was a psychological backbreaker.
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    I used to work for a carpet store trying to answer a 9-line phone system---while all the lazy salespeople sat on their asses doing NOTHING!!! I think I was paid a whopping $5 an hour!!!
    One time I was on CRUTCHES and was made to walk around that huge store putting up our newspaper adds. Not ONE freakin' person offered to help me.

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    I used to be the seafood dept. manager in a local grocery store...I had to set up every morning, and the by the time I went home I smelled like low tide. Bleah! I could never go anywhere right after work...my clothes smelled, my car smelled...but my cat loved me!

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    Those are some pretty bad jobs!

    My worst one was working as counter help and then a cutter at Boston Market. I finally had to quit because my Dad said I smelled like chicken grease 24-7 and he couldn't take it any longer. It also sucked to be 16 and being bossed around by 17-year-olds on power trips.

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    I just wanna sing you all out there a song -

    "Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone ?
    Oh Where, Oh Where... ?
    Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone ?
    Yipee yah, yipee yeah, yipee yah, yipee yah... "

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    When I was about 20 I answered a job for a marketing rep. It was selling encyclopedias door to door, on commision. You want to talk about a job that sucked!!! I lasted about 3 months and finall quit. First time my father was glad I quit a job. Worked from 12 noon and got back home around midnight.
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