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Thread: This Week's Parenting High & Low

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susie
    Dagwood - since we had talked about his before I thought you would get a kick out of this. My son came home yesterday with a slip from the cafeteria saying that he owed $12.60. I was in shock because I had just sent a check last week for $25.00 and I knew that this could not be right. So, I emailed his teacher and asked her to see if she could find out what happened to the check.

    This is her reply:
    The children just told me that he gave it to Brandon and he said his mother threw it away because it wasnít theirs. If it comes up cashed, Brandonís family will have to be responsible for it. The children said Brandon was showing it around on the bus. This is crazy!!! I hope this gets solved. I cannot give you Brandonís number but I will write a note home today to get confirmation that it was thrown away.

    She emailed again to tell me this:
    Chapter 2, the kids just said that lunch money had been scratched out and Wal-Mart had been written in. Sorry, I had to laughÖ.I donít know whose idea that was but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!

    I don't know whether to or to . I am going to try to about it!!! I don't see how she thinks Brandon's family would be responsible, but anyway I guess maybe if it comes up cashed at Wal-mart, someone will be getting a nice gift from me. I better call and stop payment!!

    Ok, I am laughing my head off...but stop payment might be a good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneStarSpur
    Parenting high - went to my oldest daughter's college graduation ceremony...awesome!

    Grandparenting high - we have a 13 1/2 month old grandson and he lives with us along with his parents. Anyway, I've been trying to teach him to say "grandpa" forever it seems. No luck. Last night I was standing up holding him and he suddenly threw his arms around my neck and hollered, "Paw Paw!" Freaking awesome.

    No lows to speak of.

    Yay Randy on both of these!!!
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