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Thread: People Dropping By

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    I read this entire thread.

    And agree with most of what people have written.

    But how come I can only remember the posts by Libra and Zhora?
    hmmm..I'll have to figure this out on my own!
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    I hate it when people who were "just in the neighbourhood" drop by without calling. They always turn up when the house is a mess or you're looking a mess.

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    Bumping this thread for the new members. I'd like to hear some funny stories .

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    Aargh! I hate it when people drop by unannounced! Or as it is known in Seinfeld-land, "the pop-in".

    I always call to tell someone I would like to stop by, even if I know that the people don't mind unannounced visitors. Like you, Miss F, I live alone and the house is always a disaster zone, because I am seldom home long enough to clean it...
    Thank goodness most of my friends have cell phones and the courtesy to call. I have been known to be home and just not answer the door as well. Same thing goes for the phone - just because I am home does not mean I am obligated to answer the phone and have a 30 minute conversation if I don't want to - thank God for caller ID.

    Don't get me wrong folks, I am a people-person - I am just very protective of my personal time. I am sure that all this will change one day when I have a family and there is no such thing as personal time anymore
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    I just recently moved so I'm pretty lucky about "pop-ins". My family lives about 9 hours away, so I don't have to worry about any "we were in the area" knock knocks.

    However, I do live in military housing, which some of you may know can present problems of a different kind. Suddenly, everyone feels they can come by unannounced because "we all share that special bond". Since I'm the only single guy on my circle, I don't have to worry about stop-by's too much due to families taking advantage of their time together and also the fact that I have nothing in common with them.

    So, two days ago I'm sleeping on the couch heavily sedated by the lovely power of Percocet due to some surgery last week. I'm in la-la land and dreaming about skiing in the Swiss Alps. Well, next thing I know I wake up to find the base paramadic shaking me with my neighbors standing in the room. They had been banging on the door for an hour checking in on me and finally realized I wasn't answering the door so they though something was wrong.

    I was embarrassed and because I couldn't walk upstairs to the bathroom, I had a portable "loo" ( for number 1) next to the couch and everyone was staring at it.

    Yesterday, I hung a sign on my front door that read, "sleeping, do not disturb---I'm ok, really " and so far no "pop-ins". Hope that works.

    p.s. getting back to the original point of my story: I hate when people stop by unannounced. All of my friends know they have to call first so I don't have to worry too much about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    I was embarrassed and because I couldn't walk upstairs to the bathroom, I had a portable "loo" ( for number 1) next to the couch and everyone was staring at it.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    Sort of a related story that seems to fit in here.....a few years back I had a completely unexpected hospital stay so my mother and grandmother came over to stay (they live 1 1/2 hours away or so) while I was in there, well they ended up sleeping on my couch at home while I was in. Goodness knows what they think about me now cause since I had gone in thru emergency not expecting to be admitted I didn't think a BIT about what my house looked like. Ok anyways, I get out of the hospital and come home and there sat some "adult toys" out on the bathroom counter...just RIGHT THERE on top of everything!! Here's my mom and granny staying there and I had absolutely no clue that I'd left them out after some crazy night.....AACCKK!!!! This was like 5-6 years ago and they have YET to say anything about it and I sure as heck ain't bringing it up!!
    Well, at least they didn't call to ask what it was used for.

    I don't get drop-ins often...when they do I am usually not home. It is a timing thing...just last weekend after church my daughter and I went to a friends. My cell phone rings and it's my mom wondering where I was...she was in my driveway. Glad I missed that one, my house was a mess and she is a neat freak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    Yeah, I live alone and my place is usually a dump. I'm the one going OUT all the time so I don't often have time to clean.

    Not gross dump. Hit by a tornado dump.

    Hee hee...you described my house exactly! I would say that 80 percent of the time, I am plagued by clutter problems. I am a reforming yard sale fanatic/pack rat, and I also love my time relaxing at home in my flop clothes. I like to have a bit of notice before someone drops by. That way, I can attempt to make myself and the house look presentable.

    I think I have always made a better guest than a host, so I usually am the one who goes visiting others. I usually try to call first, since I don't want to interrupt others if they are busy. This also helps me know ahead of time if they are home with something contagious like a cold, stomach bug, etc. If I find that out, I can opt not to visit until they are feeling better.

    I wish at times that I was more like friends and family members of mine who enjoy drop in company, but I think I am a hermit woman in training.

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    Like some others, people know better than to just drop by my place--that's why my own folks don't even have a key to my apartment! I value my privacy!

    In college though, I walked in on my Freshman roommate once while he was ... well ... being an alone single 18 year old guy I felt bad, but it was my place too, I shouldn't have to announce my arrival! Hmmm, no sock on the door handle; we never worked out a signal for that particular variation

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    Nope, I never do the "pop-in". I think it's really rude, no matter what. I think the only people who should be allowed to pop in are your children. I pop in to my mom's house and my kids are always welcome at my house regardless. They know their mom lives like a sloth, having been raised here, but I believe anyone else should call, even if it is from the driveway. Once again, I'm living a Seinfeld episode.

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