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Thread: How many Canadians are there here?

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    I'm not Canadien. I'm from New York and I've been too Montreal a few times (went to college in Albany, NY -about 3 -4 hr drive). Alll I can say is that I had a great time while I was there. Love your beer too. I'm actually drinking a Molson right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayla
    I'm not a Canadian, but I pretend to be. See: my location.
    I always thought you were a real Canadian.

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    Hey Nova! Welcome, fellow Canuk!

    (Where the heck is Gravenhurst??) I'll talk to ya, even though I'm from the west
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    LOL AJ.

    Gravenhurst is in Southern Ontario .. in the Muskoka's (the summer playground of the rich and famous that really dont want to be recognized)

    Nova I'm in Sudbury, Miss Filangi is in London, duckgirl is in Toronto and Fluff is somewhere around where you are.
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    No, Ducky is in the frozen tundra of Northern Alberta. Probably closer to averagejane than to me . I don't think she wishes she were in TO except for the fact she could go see hockey games more often. But then the Avs wouldn't be playing there anyway.

    I'm halfway between TO and Montreal. Too far from skiing and too close to snow.

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    Hello to everyone from cold and windy Montreal.

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    Toronto, Canada.
    Hello to everyone from Canada's largest city, Toronto. The city that the locals call "the centre of the universe", or at least the centre of Canada. The city other Canadians (from east to west) like to hate the most. I know because I used to live in Vancouver.
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    Ah, northern alberta. *pauses to hack up a lung* Nothing like it.

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    Another Canadian here. Toronto resident, Ottawa native.

    Parents are officially American though. (Don't hit me? )

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    YA, Gravenhurst is in Muskoka, a tiny town, you can walk from one end to the other in 15-25 mins depending on the weather.Man it sucks living in a small town though. No movie theaters, we do do a cop station, but if one is need they come from Bracebridge. The one here is just an office that takes the calls and transfers them. The main street has maybe 20 stores most of them convenient stores. The only thing that attracts the tourists is the segwin, this town blows. They charge us outragous prices for everything form Oct-may, then lower them when tourists come up. So we are always broke. Alot of people from town don't like to do much.

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