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Thread: How many Canadians are there here?

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    I live in Canada now, but used to watch The Littlest Hobo when I was a kid in the UK.
    I loved that show and could still sing the theme song to it now.

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    Hey daddyzgirl,

    Fellow windsorite eh? Cool

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    The cheesiest Canadian show has got to be The Littlest Hobo followed closely by Train 48.

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    Ok. I'm here to declare myself Canadian! From Toronto (please don't hold that against me )

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    CCL, we won't hold that against you...much.

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    Ha! I'm Torontonian, and I'm not prostrating before you people of the hinterlands. Don't hate us because we're beautiful.

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    I'm far from Canadian (I'm Texan) but I see a few in here from Alberta. I'm going to be in Alberta (Banff) this coming weekend for a few days and thought I'd come directly to the source of good local info.

    Anything not to be missed locally? Sights, bars? Staying at the Fairmont and as I understand it, there are mountains and a lake nearby. Banff is big for skiing yes? So I imagine its great for some good sightseeing now that the snow has melted?

    A Bachelor fan til it dies a slow death and oddly enough, A Rock of Love fan...finest hair extensions from Europe and all. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    The cheesiest Canadian show has got to be The Littlest Hobo followed closely by Train 48.

    Jay you are probably too young to remember "The Beachcombers" .. the ultimate in fromage.

    Igota I don't know about the night life in Banff but I hear the Fairmont is just gorgeous all on it's own.
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    Sorry, Igotalife, I can't help you out with Banff, though if you're ever coming to Toronto, I know everything.

    I just wanted to mention that the cheesiest Canadian tv show ever, (and I haven't read the rest of the thread so don't know if it's been mentioned) is The Trouble with Tracy. Actually, it's the cheesiest tv show ever developed on this planet, bar none.
    And so it begins, the end of times..

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    Oh, man I loved The Trouble with Tracy!! Loved it. I was about 10.

    Igota, that sounds like fun. As I understand it, Lake Louise is a must. And watch out for the bears, seriously! They like nothing better than to munch a tourist or two and then claim they couldn't help themselves because you got in between them and their cubs. Likely excuse.

    I just looked at Banff.com and discoverbanff.com and it looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully some locals will help you out here.

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