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Thread: Your Favorite Christmas Carols

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    Walking 'Round in Women's Underwear
    Sung to the tune "Walkin' in the Winter Wonderland".....
    Ok, so now I know why your daughter is missing some of her lacy delicates! What color Teddy do you prefer? I never heard of that song before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfleming2
    I love that song "Breath of Heaven" bored... it's so beautiful.
    This song makes me get the chills every single time I hear it. I'm not sure if it's Amy Grant's song, or hers is the only version I have heard. But I truly feel so spiritual when I hear that song.

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    I love Breath of Heaven, too. (Amy Grant is the only version I have heard--very moving). I also like Grown Up Christmas List by her. My other favorites are Mary Did You Know (talk about chills), and O Holy Night (when it is sung well, it never fails to move me to tears). Oh, and Christmas Shoes usually gets me! And, I know it's not technically a Christmas song, but I always love to play What a Wonderful World around Christmas. Just seems to fit, and remind me how lucky I really am. (This one always tears me up, because it is the song my daughter's class sang at their kindergarten graduation. Just try to hear it sung by a group of five and six year olds and not cry!)

    Let's see...I like Sleigh Ride, Walking in a Winter Wonderland (even though now I always here Walking 'Round in Women's Underwear in my head! )Angels We Have Heard on High, Carol of the Bells (I love the Harry Simeone Chorale version and the one by Trans Siberian Orchestra--that one is cool), Hard Candy Christmas (cheesy, yes, I know), Please Come Home For Christmas (the version done by the Eagles), and most traditional Christmas Carols. I think by far the cheesiest one that I actually almost hate to admit I like is Christmas in Dixie by Alabama!

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