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Thread: Holiday memories?

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    Not really the Xmas holidays- but its about other holidays

    St Patricks day- I used to set a trap over my closet door. I attatched a string to a box and then put some gum underneath it (don't ask me why I used gum) In the morning I checked it and my mom had put a little metal spring underneath it. She had also half opened the gum and taken little tiny bites out of it. I was SO convinced that there was a leprechaun in my house.

    Another St PAtty's day- I was at my best friends house and we decided to make a little trap at her house too. She had a pillow with a pocket on it so we put gum in it (again, NO idea where the idea of using gum came from) When we came back we thought someone had atken bites out of the gum, but in reality, we put a half peice of gum in there to start out with. We also found a ton of *this is a little gross* toenails everywhere on her ground.. (EWW) but we thought they were from the leprechauns..

    Easter- I used to search around the living room to look for bunny prints and I found some once! the fibers of the carpet were just pushed around in some weird way, but I called out to my mom saying the easter bunny had been here!!! But then I found a reciept next to my basket with all of the candy on it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    LOL luckily I'm Canadian and thanksgiving passed more than a month ago, I just have to have all of my Christmas stuff planned, bought, wrapped and shipped by Dec 5th - no pressure LOL
    Actually I don't find this time of the year stressful at all. I don't let anyone in my family stress/pressure/impose upon me. If it has slipped anyone's notice, I'm a little outspoken and I don't take a whole lotta crap LOL so the holidays go by swimmingly for me. If I don't like it I ignore it or make sure that what I don't like gets/changed/a meaningful dirty look/a talking to/ uninvited LMAO
    Sorry I forgot you were Canadian.
    Jeez, you run a tight ship! Nothing like a little holiday smack-down, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    Easter- I used to search around the living room to look for bunny prints and I found some once!
    p.s. there are reindeer and santa footprint stencils out there, you sprinkle powdered sugar/flour or something white to resemble snow on them and you have instant 'proof' (my friend did this last year with glitter - I don't recommend it I think she is still vacuuming up glitter LOL)
    One year my parents did this, they also used a stick or something to make tracks in the snow and some chewed up carrots outside (proof of the reindeer) and 'Santa' made a huge mess with his cookie crumbs

    pinkie thats hilarious that you tried to trap leprechans with gum LOL you have a great imagination
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    Well, the idiot actually tried it and was soon seen screaming and running from the house with a ferret attacking his head
    Oh, my god! I'm glad to finally know where the heck that came from!

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    I hate to admit it, but I was the child who would sneek into my mom's closet and meticulously undo the wrapping to peek at what was inside. I did this when I was around 9/10 (after I figured out Santa was Mom). I know, that's bad.

    When I was like 8/9 when my mom would give me money, like $5, to buy a gift for whoever's name I had drawn (we have a very large family of 8 kids so we used to draw names). My mom raised all of us by herself so money was tight. Anyway, one year I'll never forget, I bought my sister a "Texas Terd". It was a reindeer fashioned from a cow terd with boots and a cowboy hat or something like that. I thought it was funny, but when my mom saw it, MAN, she scolded me like nobody's business.

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    Thanksgiving is usually at my Aunt's house since hers is the biggest.

    Until my grandparents died, though, Christmas was always at their house. Grandpa had a train that ran around by the tree. One year he got a clapper for Christmas. All of the cousins burned it out the first day clapping.

    My grandma died 2 days after Christmas 5 years ago, so the holidays are bittersweet, but I still love them.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp
    In my adult years, my husband and I got engaged under the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (the year before it had come from my town!), so every year, we make it a point to go see the tree.
    Awww, Mary Beth, my husband also proposed to me at Rockefeller Center under the tree! It was my first Christmas in New York (he had invited me there to spend the holidays with his family) and to a born California Girl the snow, the roasting chestnuts, the twinkling lights, the carollers, the ice skaters, the row of glowing angels and of course that gargantuan tree were like something straight out of a fairy tale.

    We had dinner at that restaurant that's just beside the skating rink, and he was so tense the whole time, while I had no clue he was going to pop the question! But eventually he got down on one knee, and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him...and the rest was history.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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