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Thread: Nail Polish - Question for the ladies

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    Hurray, Holly! I'm glad you're happy with the Seche Vite. Did you make sure to put the Seche Vite on while your polish is still wet? Also, make sure to glop on a nice, thick coat of it.

    Keep me posted on your results, Girly Girls!!! I love sharing tips and stuff...Makes me feel like we're all at a sleepover!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Yes, it was still wet & I put a thick coat on. My nails dried quickly with no smudges or smears. Pefecto!

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    I used to do my mom's nails every two weeks. She said that the color generally lasted a week and a half. This is what we did: After pushing back the cuticle we wiped down the nail bed with alcohol then applied a base coat, two color coats, and a top coat. After three days my mother would apply top coat again. A week and a half into it my mom would touch up the color at the tips and reapply the top coat again. Since I only did her nails every two weeks this worked out quite well. Yes, it seems like too many layers, but that kept her nails from breaking and chipping at the tips. She is a nurse and washes her hands a bazillion times in a day and keeps them in gloves when not washing. Neither of those things is easy on the nails.

    As far as polish goes- We used OPI base, color, and top coat and that lasted pretty long. The best was Creative Nail Design base, color, and top coat. We topped either combination off with Creative Nail Design Dry and Shine. It helps the Nail dry Faster and conditions the cuticle at the same time. Whe you first brush it on it looks really shiney and you know that the nails are dry when the liquid looks dull. Then you simply wipe it off and you are ready to go. It seamed freaky to me to have to wipe something off of the nail that I just polished, but it works. I have used this stuff for years. Dry and Shine
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    when i was going to school for nails, they had us use creative nails "stickey" base coat. and, i've used it ever since. it works great. maybe try it as a base coat and then sfg's seche vite over the polish? anyway, here's a description of it:

    A soft, sticky base coat designed to anchor nail enamel to the nail. It acts as a gripping agent to prevent peeling and chipping. It is ideal for natural nail and nail enhancement services. Works like double sided tape.

    and, here's a website i found it on (although i know you can get it at beauty supply stores like sally's):


    it's the 5th one down.
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