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Thread: What Creeps you out?

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    Im ready for my closeup.. Tallulahbaby's Avatar
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    snails...which reminds me I need to buy snail poison...they are overtaking my yard!!!
    Coco Magdalena made her debut Sept 2, 2006 7lbs 1oz!!!

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    Spiders,Centipedes and a certain pattern in anything that makes my crawl.
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    Loose teeth on kids - I can change the dirtiest, smelliest diaper, but heaven help me if a kid comes up to me wiggling a loose tooth. I will definitely have to rely on my hubby for that when the kids eventually happen - well, when the hubby happens too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana View Post

    Also, piercings don't necessarily bug me. My son has a friend with plenty of hardware, and lots of ink art adorning his body. However, when anybody shows me their tongue piercing - I feel like I might faint. Casual conversation sometimes allows for that shiney rod to catch my line of vision once in a while with no problem. But if someone were to stick out their tongue and show me their adornments - I might just lose it.
    My son's pierced nipples creep me out so bad I told him he has to keep a shirt on when he's around me.

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    OMG! Those creepy BK ads have gotta go!

    What is BK thinking? geesh!

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    Hate garden snails...........luv me some escargot!!
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    The baby shark in the bottle of formaldehyde that my teenage daughter just got. It's gross and I hate it. I don't know why she wanted it and got it.

    She can't watch House, CSI or any gory movies or tv shows, but this gross shark is "cool". UGH
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    Giant moths creep me out. There's one the bathroom on my floor (which BTW has no outside access, so how it got there is a mystery). I guess I'll be heading to the 12th or 14th floor. (And, BTW working on the 13th floor doesn't creep me out one bit....just the huge moth.)

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    Alligators, crocodiles, lizards, snakes... basically any kind of reptile. I went to the zoo with a young relative yesterday, and as we approached the 'gators, I was hysterical. I was hiding several feet away, literally shaking, begging her please not to tap the glass, because I suddenly seemed to recall a bunch of newspaper articles (or was it a horror novel Stephen King forgot to write?) about alligators running rampant inside of a zoo after some Jackass-wannabe teenage boy had tapped on the glass window. The recent attacks in Fort Lauderdale didn't help, of course, even though I'm half a world away. The mere fact that I've been to Fort Lauderdale is enough for me to feel all shivery whenever I read about alligator attacks. I had to pet three ponies before I returned to normal. When it comes to insects, though, I'm the epitome of cool. My man is terrified of spiders, so I've been known to kill a spider or 20 in my time. I don't even flinch while doing so. Same goes for moths. But reptiles I can't even watch wrestling with Steve Irwin without bursting into tears. I think it's the fact that they look like pre-historic creatures that really gets to me. Ew.

    Any other reptile phobes out there? Like I said, I can handle pretty much everything else, but reptiles freak me out big time.
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    I'm with you on that reptile thing. My husband shared with me that a snake is living in one of my flower beds. He said that he isn't a bad snake, so he didn't kill him. I say, yes he is bad and deserves to die!

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