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Thread: What Creeps you out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by justCoz View Post
    What a fabulous idea. I hate touching raw meat so much that even to take the ground beef out of the package I put on disposable plastic gloves. I get 100 of them for $1 at the Dollar Tree, 1 for each glove seems like a good deal. An I don't do raw chicken at all. blech. Fortunately for me MrCoz is allergic to poultry so I don't ever have to fix chicken
    Dollar Tree is my absolute FAVORITE STORE. But there is something inherently wrong when I can spend $50 in there.

    My teenager teases me because that's where I buy ALL my eyewear. I lose or break glasses so much, I buy in bulk. I have probably 8 pair of magnifying glasses stashed all over the house and car and same for sunglasses. Hey, I tell her, that I'm just following that old ZZ Top song about Cheap Sunglasses. :LOL

    Here's another tidbit for the meatloaf. I like mine cooked with ketchup on it, the rest of the family doesn't. My hubby likes biscuits with meatloaf so he can make little sandwiches. So sometimes instead of using a loaf pan. I squeeze my plastic bag of meatloaf mix into my muffin tins. I can ketchup part of them, leave part nonketchuped and they take about 25 min. to cook as opposed to an hour and then hubby can put a meat muffin inside his pillsbury (whomp) biscuit and have a sandwich.
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    You're almost like Martha Stewart!!
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel View Post
    I have no personal numbers on speed dial
    :nono Oh-Oh, don't you have the emergency number for your VET?!!

    Great muffin tin idea for meatloaf myrosiedog
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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    :nono Oh-Oh, don't you have the emergency number for your VET?!!
    LOL _ I can dial it faster than speed dial can.
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    i have a few things....

    Muppit Puppits. Half of there haid comes off everytime they open there mouth.They have that creepy fabric that they are made from also.

    Moths.I never knew why i was afraid of them, i swore one bit me when i was three, but that is highly unlikely.They also have the big exspaded wings with those creepy eyes on the back.

    Those creepy blue fuzzy long haired puppit kids who sang the song "Don't Put it in your mouth".

    Alarm Clocks.They have the terrifieing sound when they ring.

    The Mona Lisa. She creeps me out so bad, always stareing at you but not looking in ur direction.The painting has a yellow tint to it and the black trees and hills makeing it look like the end of the world.

    The Movie Alice in Wonderland. The person who made it mustve been highly sick in the head, delusional or something. I mean singing pansies, a cat with purple and black rings who can turn invisable, ducks with bike horns for bills, butterflies with slices of bread for wings and two types of mushrooms that can make you shrink and grow?! THATS A LIL SCARRY!

    Beleve it or not, Nicole Linkletter from ANTM Cycle 5. I have these dreams about her, everynight as soon as I just fall asleep.It always starts out with me looking at a wall. Its always in a diffrent place everytime.I will look at her and her back is faceing towars me. I walk up to her and say something. Then I hear her croaking. I will either look at her, or turn her around. Her eyes are pitch black like a spider's eyes or a rodent's. She cocks her head to the side a bit and as she cocks her head, her jaw streaches down to her chest. Then, her head falls off her body. If you look at her Wild Boyz photo, then that is how she is always dressed and how her makeup and her hair always is. I usully wake up screaming ither her name or screaming in general. And strangely, it happens every night.

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    The thought of someone watching me without my knowledge terrifies the hell out of me. If I'm home alone and have the blinds up and actually think about the fact that someone could be in my backyard or behind it (I have a hill behind my backyard) I freak out and have to close the window, turn off the light, call the dogs in, and jump into bed. Not sure why but being under the covers makes me feel safer. I think a lot of this stems from when I was younger my Aunt was taking a shower, went to brush her teeth, looked over and saw a 50 or 60ish year old guy looking in through the window (The blinds were actually closed but they were the old school kind where even when they are closed you can still see inside somewhat). She never knew if he had just approached the window or had watched her shower the entire time, but either way it scared the crap out of me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
    Yes, my kids and I all agree that BK man is truly frightening!
    I heartily agree! They have to get rid of that dude! If I saw him peeking into my windows and handing me hamburgers, I'd scream in terror.
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    No kidding. I definately wouldn't be taking the hamburger from him. Whoever thought up that ad should be shot.

    My cat really creeped me out last night. My daughter was staying with a friend so I was home alone. I am not afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night. My cat was curled up ontop of the monitor and I was visiting the FORT. He suddenly sat straight up and just stared down the hall with very wide eyes and his pupils were huge. Of course, it freaked me out and I was almost afraid to turn around and see what he was staring at. Nothing there. Creepy.

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    Oh GOD, dagwood, don't you hate it when they do that! My parents have a cat that is a big drama queen. Scares the cr@p out of us on a regular basis!

    I must be the only one who actually likes making meatloaf. I love the feel of it gooshing around my fingers..... and the rest of you can now go vomit!

    Here's what's been creeping me out lately: my ISP is MSN. Whenever I log into an email account (I have three), the program greets me, "Good Morning!" (or afternoon or evening). With two of the accounts, the program can't recognize the name on the account (it's different for each account - one is my full name, another my email address, etc.), but with one account is does recognize the name and it always greets me by name: "Good Morning Critical!" *shivers*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    I must be the only one who actually likes making meatloaf. I love the feel of it gooshing around my fingers..... and the rest of you can now go vomit!
    VOMIT! Meatloaf...now that creeps me out!
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