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Thread: What Creeps you out?

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    Apr 2003
    I get sick when I see those big yellow slimeballs on ground where (generally) guys have spit them out. I am not a barfer, but everytime I see those or hear someone "clearing" their throat making one, I get this reaction I am about to
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Enrique Iglesias's new video. 'Addicted'. Can I say he's damn lucky, and I hate him for that? And why are all his stupid videos all about a girl and how he has sex with them? Sick guy.

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    The idea that "Return of the King" might be a bad movie.


    -Randy (sorry...vacation starts at 5 and I'm in a good mood...We now return you to your previously scheduled serious creep-outs )

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    Ok, I could come up with tons of things that creep me out. Bugs can really bother me sometimes, but it depends on the mood... I went to Africa once, and the house we stayed at has bugs that were at least 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, and I had no problem stepping on them... (at times you couldn't help but step on them.) The biggest fear I had there was a rat coming out of the hole in the floor called the toilet.

    Another thing that is quite possibly the thing that creeps me out the most, not in a scary way, but more that he just creeps me out is Jon from this Survivor. Can't look at him without freaking out... I have to cover my face and take deep breaths.

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    Poor D! Jon seems to have that effect on a lot of people.

    Too many things creep me out, but one of them (it's kind of silly actually) is when people "crack" their knuckles. That sound!
    Or the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.

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    Mayonnaise. Definately Mayonnaise. Of course that all stems from "The Mayonnaise Incident" at the deli I used to work at.

    Oh, and Chuck E Cheese. When I take my kids there I need to make sure i'm on the opposite side of the room from the giant rat.
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    Saurkraut (sp) on hotdogs...ugh! Thats the way my hubby eats them.
    I agree on the feet...NASTY
    Cat in the hat movie, Mike Myers is positively scary......
    THe sound of people trying to scratch their ears when they itch, they make this horrible noise.
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    I have seriously got a fear of Britney Spears. Just hearing "I'm not that innocent" sends me into convulsions.

    Also, Clowns.

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    online - is there anywhere else?
    David Hasselhoff singing "Hooked on a Feeling"
    One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity


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    Holes that have been poked in a eraser. Yes, it's true.

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