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Thread: Hair problem or questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeguy
    good luck. I had a problem with degree deoderant , couldn't find the original so I bought sport or some darn scented one and broke out in a rash. wrote them and all they did was give me a coupon to buy another thing of degree. had the same thing happen with old spice underarm. use the intense and broke out went back to original and healed right up.
    My husband is allergic to the Old Spice deodorant, too. I'm allergic to Tide detergent, which sucks, b/c I love the way it smells.

    OK, back to hair stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    And *we're* glad you didn't shake that head around, flinging gobs of skin-eating shampoo on all of us.
    Seriously, I'm glad you overcame your stubbornness and chucked it. Keeping your eyesight could, I think, be considered a "win" for you.
    Why do I want to write a cheesy screenplay entitled "Stubborn Speedbump and the Skin Eating Shampoo"??

    Speedbump...I am so glad you listened to us! I feel like one of my kids actually "listened" to me...which doesn't happen all that often. You made my day!!
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~ Maya Angelou

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    Sorry to hear about your experience with Garnier. Personally Garnier Fructis is the only shampoo I use now, I'm so happy with it + it's one of the very few shampoos I'm NOT allergic too ....

    I haven't tried their dandruff shampoo though, guess I'll steer clear of that particular one but as far as the other Fructis shampoos are concerned, I've had nothing but good experience (I just figured I'd pop that in here :-))

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Ok, the shampoo won. I ran down the block and picked up some Pert. Thanks for the advice. I guess peeled eyelids wouldn't be so attractive at FORTcon anyways.

    I chucked the bottles in the dumpster, trash day is tomorrow so I won't be dumpster diving to retieve anything.

    AJane, good advice about emailing Garnier. I think I might do that. You should've seen my eyes. No exaggeration. I'd take a pic but they're almost healed by now and you couldn't tell. I do have small bouts of excema on my hands so I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it.

    I'm glad I poked my head in here....
    Exzema and allergies go hand in hand, so your probably had an allergic reaction.

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    One More :)

    Jillian Barberie.

    I know, everybody hates her (I think she's cool), but her hair looks awesome.

    She was a dark brunette, now she's blonde and it looks great.

    Maybe not perfect, but it's not "fried" either.

    What are the products, what's the method, what's the secret?!


    "Still searching"

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    I fought my curly hair throughout the 70's and 80's, then finally figured out the curly hair looked better on me anyway..... maybe I can find someone who can cut curly hair next time!
    What was it the need to have straight hair when you have curly hair??? LOL!!! I was the same way... Even tho I was in high school in the mid 1980's, where big hair was the thing... I was hell bent on having flat hair.

    Then about 1988 Aveda develope a little product called Spray on Gel and I learned to love my hair. (Spray on Gels are not create equal and there is only maybe 3 worth using.) But from 1988 forward I have worn my hair long & curly.

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    Hair Care

    I have a new friend who has just joined us here. She is a fantastic hairdresser. She had a thread in another site about hair care and it was a great success. Lots of people like to ask questions about hair care, and my dear friend Jillian loves to answer them!

    I hope this will be a good thread for the posters, and a way to bring in a very wonderful addition to our site.

    I just had about 8 to 10 inches of hair cut off, and while I thought it would be traumatic, I love it! But I still wish I had that "personal trainer" when it comes to my hair, and I am fortunate to have that. She would be more than willing to share her skills with anyone who would have questions. So shoot those questions her way! Come on, I know you have them!

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    Welcome, Jillian! I hope that your Hair Clinic #101 is as equally popular HERE.
    Still crazy, after all these shears

    "lambikins, put the crack pipe down and back away from the keyboard." Unklescott

    "lambikins... I have come to the conclusion that you are the Jedi Master of the Kitchen on FORT!" SuperBrat

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    I taught my 16-yr.old son how to use mousse yesterday. He had blonde Shirley Temple curls as a child and has started growing his hair long, but it's frizzy. I got him some product and showed him how to use it and now it's so cute. He is a 6'5" basketball player, so he is highly visible. One team's crowd at an away game was chanting, "Get a haircut" at him.
    Count your blessings!

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    Hey I have a hair question.

    I've always had long straight hair.......and I have bangs.....but am wanting to cut it and give myself a new look..........
    I'm only 5'4" tall.........and I've tried short hair before and I've never been happy with it........I'm thinking maybe having it cut right about shoulder length . My hair is very very very thick too..........

    Thanks for any advice......
    Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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