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Thread: Granny,MiMi, Mama, Grandma, Nanny

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    Money bags who spoils me.

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    My grandparents were always Nana and Grandpa. My nieces and nephews call my mother Nana, but shortened Grandpa to Papa. I think it was just because they couldn't SAY Grandpa, and it stuck...

    I have a friend that became a very young grandmother and put the Ka-bosh on "Grandma" very quickly and went with Me-Me...

    My SIL calls her grandfather "Boom" It's a name she gave him when she was little and it stuck, because now everyone calls him that...
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    FORT Fogey
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    My grandmother (maternal)-Grandma
    Paternal Grandmother- Grandmom Creative yes?
    My moms late grandmother was Oma and grandfather was Opa

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    We call my grandma GiGi (which stands for Great (as in wonderful) Grandma) so you can imagine my confusion around here when ya'll call me GG.

    My one grandfather was always "Grandfather" and my other is Gramps or Grampa.

    I dated a guy from the south who called is grandame Mema (pronounced Meemaw) but I never did get up the balls to ask if grandpa was Peepaw when he was alive.

    I like Poppy for a grandpa...sounds so warm and friendly.

    edited to add--when my mother becomes a grandma? My brother and sister and I have all agreed she'll be called GRANNY...heh heh. She had us rather young and still looks to be in her 30's rather than the 50's she is, so we thought Granny would be pretty funny.

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    I just remembered one of my college roommates called her grandmother Ma Dear

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    My son was the first grandson on both sides. The only thing my mother insisted on is to not be called "Nanny." So, when my son was little (teehee) he started calling my mother "My Nanny." So one day, mom said to him, "Are you ready to go see your other nanny now?" So he started calling my MIL "Other Nanny." They have both stuck, and now all the grandkids call my MIL "Other nanny." And my kids call my mom "MyNanny."

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    Gramma and Papa (paternal).

    My sister's kids live in Alaska and call their grandparents (paternal) Umma and Uppa. The great-grandparents are Ali-Umma and Ali-Uppa. I think it's Eskimo
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    Dont know if you're interested in a language lesson but you're getting one anyways... lol

    Our term for grandparents are different, depending on if it's mother or father's side of the family:

    Mormor & morfar are the grandparents on the MOTHER's side (translates "mothermother" & "motherfather")

    Farmor & farfar are the grandparents on the FATHER's side ("fathermother" & fatherfather")

    So there ya have it :-) That's what I call my grandparents.

    (That was Norwegian by the way)

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    I called my grandparents Gramma and Grampa Johnson and Gamma and Grampa Hancock.

    My mom wanted to be Ganny Goose because her brothers and sisters called her goose after one chased her down and ripped her underwear off of her one day on the farm. It got shortened to GiGi for a while and is now just Granny. Dad did not have a preference and started out with Grampa then Pa. so now they are Granny and Pa.

    Mr Feifer's Parents are Abuelita(welita or weeta for short) and Abuelo.
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    I'm a proud grandfather myself and my grandkids call me Papaw Scott. My son married a girl with a 5 year old so I inherited my first one. The first time I met her was at my house when I had them over for dinner. This young 'un keeps saying "Hey Grandpa is dinner eady yet?" After the second or third time I realized "Oh crap that's me." My grandson is now 2 and they both call me Papaw but occasionally I get Grandpa out of her. The ex won't let them call her granny or anything so she won't feel old. Her name is Eileen and they call her Eenie.

    My grandparents on my fathers side were Pa and Grandmother Lucy, on moms side Grandmother Ida. My grandfather passed early so I never was around for that. I see some Germans here with the Oma - Opa and can also tell the southern influences of Feifer.

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