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Thread: Mom appreciation...

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    Mom appreciation...

    Hi Guys

    I just want to write this to tell you what a great Mom I have. I have submitted a job application for a job at NASA. They require a copy of my transcripts. I sent a letter to the University of Copenhagen where I took my maters and ph.d and asked them to send me a copy of my transcripts. So far so good.

    I didn't hear anything from them for a couple of weeks and got worried. The transcripts are due this Monday. I e-mailed my mom and asked her if she could make some phone-calls on my behalf (She in Denmark, and in the same time-zone of the University, I'm not). She did, and apperently they had totally forgotten about my request. She kept calling, but this one person kept putting her off, saying call tomorrow. Today was the last possible day to get the transcripts sent, my mom called, and this person who was the only person who could take care of the ph.d-transcript had taken the day off! So my mom went there, demanded that someone maede copied of the transcripts, did leave until she had the copies and sent them by UPS. Now, thanks to my mom, the transcripts will get there on time. My mom rocks!

    Just had to tell someone...

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    Sounds like a great mama you've got, Astrogirl. People say you don't really understand maternal devotion till you become one, and I'm not, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate it. Good for your mom for giving the university a kick in the pants.
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    You've got a great mom Astrogirl
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    Great news Astrogirl.

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    Oh, man, braving the bureauracracy - she's earned her Mommy Extraordinaire badge. Yay!
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    right on astrogirl! you know... those mom's can be scary. you don't jack with their kids or they'll go postal on ya.

    i'm glad she did that for you! let us know how everything turns out! good luck!!

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    Thanks guys, for your replies. I called my mom to thank her, and she said that when she stepped into the office and told the front desk person who she was, the front desk person went to the break room and said "She's here", like she was the terminator or something. I think everyone in the office knew who she was at that point. I've now learn that it is not the first time that this office has failed to deliver transcripts in time. Well, not everyone has my mom I hope I'll be able to be like that when I'm a mom someday.

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    Good for your Mom! Hell is a much nicer place than being in a room with an angry mom. Lots of places just goof off untill someone lights a fire under their butt. I'm glad she was there for you.
    *gives astromom a cyber high five*

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