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Thread: We've been named in recent reality research study

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    Cheese Whiz


    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    Oh, well. *grabs paint*
    Watch out! He's going for the paint! *screams and ducks for cover*

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    When did the chest painting happen? I miss all the body art activities...*pouts* Can I go look up Keith of Paradise Hotel and paint his chest?
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

    "I'll just see where Providence takes me and try to look like I got there confidently." - Craig Ferguson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jillibean
    Well, I`m brand new myself, from over there at RTVPlanet, and
    I`m not quite sure what to say?
    Hi, I`m Jillibean the Smiley Queen

    ~~Now, what was the topic??................
    Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?
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    I know you...

    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    That's a pretty cool pencil, smiley thingy.
    Thanks for the welcome stargazer!! I`ve got tons of smileys up my sleeve.

    [quote="Tigris"]Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?

    Yep, I`m the girl from the "OTHER BOARD"
    And as one of the highly esteemed : REGULAR MEMBER, or more popularly referred to as: THE SMILEY QUEEN I will be so-o brazen as to guess it`s because we at RTVP, get a little wild and crazy sometimes.............

    Especially late at night. Maybe it`ll take these people some time to get used to us?...........But I`m ready to have a little fun, before crashing>>>
    And sorry about your posts Tigris. Maybe someone will return them tomorrow. They could have just "borrowed them"???? I`m going to think positively.

    I would bet that What? and James, would just love this website!!
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