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Thread: Your Favourite Condiment

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    Your Favourite Condiment

    Yes...time for a new thread, courtesy of Nausicaa.

    I've noticed a disturbing trend in my diet lately. At first I ignored it, because people eat crazy stuff for no apparent reason all the time, and especially poor college students who are either too lazy or too inept (or too drunk ) to cook for themselves. However...

    I seem to be developing a HUGE craving for mustard. I've been putting it on just about *everything* (well, excepting dessert ) for the past month or so. And it's not your respectable one little squirt on beef, neither. French fries, pizza, chicken, lumpia rolls, toast, naan bread, potatoes, string beans, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, shallots, pomfret, cod, all kinds of salads, chips, and even - (oh, the horror! The horror!) sticky white rice - by itself... every one of the aforementioned foods (and a few others I've probably neglected) has fallen victim at one time or another to my shameful urges. In fact, some have fallen victim to them, repeatedly.

    Aaarrghhh!!! :mad: Lots and lots of mustard. I just slather it on. And not the good Maille Dijon, neither - I'm talking about French's. The only way I could be more disgusting is if I inhaled the essence of mustard through a bong or something.

    SO, I want to know if others here at FoRT have suffered (or is suffering) an affliction similar to mine.

    Wait, wait - it doesn't even have to be as obsessive as mine is. Just tell me what's your favourite condiment, and what kind of dishes you like to use it on. Sounds good?

    Does ketchup/catsup rock your boat? Or maybe it's gravy? Perhaps you prefer sriracha sauce, oyster sauce, or a nice sambal? Maybe it's relish, bonito, or jalapeno sauce? Cracked black peppercorns, garlic flakes, or kosher salt? EVOO, curry powder, BBQ sauce, or wasabi?

    Just don't answer mayonnaise, please, please, please.

    ...unless it's aioli.

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    Hypermediocrity Amanda's Avatar
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    Mayonnaise. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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    Leo is offline
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    Ketchup, but I love gravy with chicken.

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    Tartar Sauce, without a doubt Yummy! Which is funny cause I don't like fish. I just like tartar sauce. I'll eat in on hushpuppies, chicken, french fries, and other stuff. I just really like it.

    As for your strange craving, that deserves its own thread. When I was in high school, I craved peas so much that I would eat a soup bowl full of them when I got home from school. Turns out I was anemic and my body was craving them for a reason (peas are high in iron). An even more dramatic and bizarre example is my friend. When she was young, she suddenly began craving dirt so bad that she finally took a handful and ate it. She then went to her parents and told them that she thought she had some sort of mental imbalance. They took her to the doctor and it turned out that she had a nutrient imbalance. Her bloodwork showed an extreme deficiency in certain nutrients that can be found in dirt. So...if your craving seems abnormally strong, might want to see a doctor.
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

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    Ketchup ketchup ketchup! Fries, potato chips, eggs, macaroni and cheese, anything!

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    It ain't easy being green Wayner's Avatar
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    Mayonnaise here. And none of that fancy schmancy aioli stuff either! Just good old Best Foods mayo. Slathered all over fresh tomatoes from the garden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chirospasm
    Ketchup ketchup ketchup! Fries, potato chips, eggs, macaroni and cheese, anything!
    I'm usually so embarassed to admit it, but I'm the same when it comes to Ketchup. My daughter uses sour cream with meat instead of ketchup.

    Yes I know very wierd but what the heck lol

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    I am simple.. I like salt.

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    Tobasco (Louisiana Hot Sauce or Franks will do as well) .

    Tobasco goes on everything- meat, pasta, veggies, eggs...

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    ketchup, same as chirospasm

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