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Thread: What is your job/occupation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    I've decided to return to school in order to take four classes necessary to be qualified to be a medical transcriptionist. Mr. Texie has found me some transcription mentors at the hospital he works at to help me along. I'm sorta psyched...it pays well and I *might* be able to work from home.

    Yes, this post is a bit late, sorry about that, but the way you type - a b'gillion wpm, you'll make some bank on that job. Good transcriptionists with a working knowledge of medical terms are hard to find. Besides, I think it's very interesting stuff. (Please consider the source here - I think all things legal are fascinating, too. )

    Good luck!

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    Well...let me jump in this discussion...
    Right now, I work for an attorney and handle all of the real estate transactions (closing your loans when you purchase or refinance property-both commercial and residential) I handle probably close to $75-$100 million in loans each year.

    Previous jobs:
    1st job was a cashier at Wendy's in high school....still their food!
    Worked as a cashier at Eckerd Drug Stores
    Worked as a cashier at Big B Drug Stores
    Photographer at Sears Portrait Studio (thought I wanted to be a photographer..that job changed my mind quickly!!)
    Rental agent at Hertz Rent-a-Car
    Cashier then promoted to Office Manager at local department store
    Cashier then promoted to Office Manager at large chain grocery store
    Receptionist then promoted to Mortgage/Consumer Loan Department
    Payroll/Office Manager for Electrical Company
    Receptionist for Large Real Estate Company

    I've been fortunate...I've liked the majority of my jobs and have managed to keep some of the friendships intact from earlier jobs.

    Tho I have a question: What is minimum wage now???!!! I'm sure its still appalling!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    My job list is pretty dull:

    Babysitter/nanny (in high school)
    Research assistant (mostly lab work)
    Research engineer (environmental)
    ---> in 5-6 years ---> University professor! (I just started my PhD)
    Don't let the small things sweat

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    I've been working at the same company since I was 16 (over 7 years). I started out as an Business Professional Student in high school, promoted to Office Assistant, then to Senior Administrative Assistant, and now Administrative Associate.

    If I told you where, I'd have to kill you all.

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    I was an 8th grade reading teacher/soccer coach for 8 years. When I had my daughter 4 years ago, I quit to stay home and have babies. I'm starting graduate school in the spring. I figure I can finish by the time my kids are both in school and then use the Masters to teach a couple of classes at the college level. That'd be a great part time gig for me so I can still take my kids to school, pick them up, and basically be home when they are.
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    I am currently ( past year and 1/2 ) a graphic designer. I make design and stick on the custom graphics on signs. ( like lettering and designs ).

    Before I was here I worked at a gas station

    Before that I made 9.45/hr as a 3rd shift cashier at a pharmacy. Cool job but hated my boss ( henve the gas station job )

    uh...video store clerk ( left only for the 9.00/hour )

    vacum sales *blush*



    deli clerk

    grocery store cashier

    basically, I have done lots of customer service. It's ok but the pay sucks. Here I get my own office and can hide and play on the FoRT all day!

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    Everyone sure has had lots of jobs. What are my contributions?
    Receptionist during summers in high school
    Salesperson in a shoe store last summer
    Assistant nurse in radiotherapy this summer

    In my everday life I'm a university student, have been on for three years, just one and a half to go! My major? Medical radiation physics...

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    1st jobs: Check out chick at Kmart/Kitchen Hand at parents pub after school and weekends
    2nd job: Public servant working for Department of Social Security was there for 15 years finished up as a JET advisor (Advisor to sole parents wanting to return to the work force)
    3rd Job: Booking co ordinator for a private hospital
    4th job: Customer Relations manager for a food manufacturer (cake mixes, peanut butter and pet food)
    All during 3rd and 4th job i also worked nights on the floor and behind the bar at an Irish Pub
    Current job: Recrutiment consultant for an employment agency

    So ask me why your cake sank in the middle, why your resume cant get you a job, how long a hernia operation lasts and what goes into a long island ice tea and i can tell you

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    In my garden.

    DH and I are Ad Agency folk who took our toys and went home. He's the designer, I'm the writer and techie. Acrobat and the Internet mean we can live anywhere. We took advantage of that and live in an area of Canada that actually has a Mediterranean climate (I kid you not, there are 3 such micro-climates).

    I wholeheartedly believe that we can be anything we want (within reason). It's important to believe in ourselves -- it's up to us to do what we can to become self-actualized.

    Dream. Be. You only live once.

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