View Poll Results: Should we put the games in a separate forum?

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  • Yes, it'll make it easier to play them.

    6 31.58%
  • No, I like them in the appropriate forums.

    13 68.42%
  • I don't play any of the games.

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Thread: Should we have a "games" forum?

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    What ever yall think is fine with me.

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    Agree with all above
    The only thing would be the games that you posted some while ago like Tetris, Frogs, etc. I.e. things that one doesn't reply to. As it is now, they are hard to find. Perhaps other ppl have links to other games (or jokes or comics or...) they want to share that could go to the same forum. But really, I'm fine with anything - I'm easy!

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    I think they're fine where they are, although it might make General Discussion easier to navigate.

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