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Thread: Tooth Fairy and other Holiday Folks!

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    You mean the Tooth fairy really isn't real???

    Okay you know Im just kdding... I never got very much money- only 25 cents a tooth. My friend on the other hand got 1 dollar for her first one, 2 $ for #2, 3 $ for #3 etc... so she was getting 15 dollars a tooth and there I was, with my measly 25 cents... I was pretty mad at my mom for a while (remember I was 7 or 8!!!)

    Even after I figured it all out in 3rd grade, my parents still gave me money. I think you should keep on doing it until all of the teeth are gone. It was a nice feeling to get that 25 cents on my last tooth and know that my parents still payed attention to that stuff. But all you parents out there, make sure you DONT FORGET!!! Its soooo heartbreaking to look under your pillow and see your tooth still sitting there... So make sure that you always remember!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    When I was a kid, I was suspect about the Tooth Fairy, and thought it might be my parents. So once, when I lost a tooth, I booby-trapped my room. It had a tile floor, so I rigged my box of 500 Lego pieces to a trip wire. My dad came in to put the money under my pillow, hit the wire, and the Legos scattering all over the room woke me and scared the crap out of him. There he was, standing next to my bed with a dollar bill in his hands. He was busted!
    **note to self, don't let little one read Wayner's post. She might get ideas**

    My daughter thinks the coins are better than the bills, so I got away with 4 quarters.
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    Oh, lucky be the issue sprung from capitalism's loins...

    5 dollars for one measly, bloody tooth? Bah! Tooth fairies my arse. Back in my country, we had to pray to the spectral remains of Chairman Mao or Lei Feng to make our bedtime wishes come true. :rolleyes

    So...let's see...if I had gotten 5 dollars U.S.D. for one tooth, that's like, what...7 dollars Canadian...which equals 35 yuan. Good Gawd, I'd have been the richest gal in Grade Two!

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    I seem to remember I had a tooth fairy pillow also, but the going rate was only 50 cents I think. I felt ripped off too because a couple of loose teeth went flying out at recess. Ahhh, those were the days.
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    Jeez, $5 a tooth, that's ridiculous.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    shoot, the going rate for teeth here is a $1. My kids don't believe in anything any more but they still want the dollar, they both still have lots of teeth to lose it seems like.
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    We use to get 25 cents a tooth, then we started getting crackerjacks or pixie stix or wax lips. We use to leave our tooth under our pillow until according to my mom, she was playing tooth fairy and had her hand under my pillow and I rolled over on her hand. She said she was trying hard to wiggle her hand out with out waking up! She did and that morning told us the Tooth fairy left her a note we had to leave our tooths on the kitchen table from now on!
    We also use to leave notes for the tooth fairy and telling her to sign here X_______________ LOLOL!
    My poor mom trying to disquise her handwriting all the time...There were 5 of us!
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