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Thread: Riddle me this!

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    [QUOTE Originally posted by Feifer: A friend of mine recently told me that you can add 1/4 cup of sour cream to your pudding and it will make it even more heavenly, but I have not tried that yet]

    I usually use Banana Cream pudding instead of Vanilla pudding and I add Cool Whip to my pudding mixture. Makes the pudding very light. Wenders, You must try Banana Pudding. It is Great!!

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    My next "Stump John" question:

    Does my TiVo tell someone what I watch? Like a Neilsen box or something? I'd like to know that I'm contributing to keeping my favorite shows on the air.

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    Appears that they can/do, but it also appears voluntary.

    ETA: I found a more recent article that indicates the Tivo people are going to sell various pieces of data.


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    Wow, thanks GG! I don't mind them taking my info, as long as I can help keep great shows like Arrested Development and American Chopper on the air

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