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Thread: Commercials I Hate (or dislike intensely)

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    Re: Commercials I Hate (or dislike intensely)

    The new Sprint commercial with the people on the treadmills. HORRIBLE acting!
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    Re: Commercials I Hate (or dislike intensely)

    Yeah, who is that guy on the phone to Turbo Tax anyway? I may hate the commercial, but I've been using Turbo Tax since it was on big floppies, pre-Windows.

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    Re: Commercials I Hate (or dislike intensely)

    TV on in the background, not paying much attention until the last word of a commercial was ENDLESSIER. Really? One cannot qualify the word, endless, as it is already in its ultimate state. I hope I never hear or see that commercial again!
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    Re: Commercials I Hate (or dislike intensely)

    There's this one for AT&T where a family is at the A&T store with 4 young children that are running around and causing a big nuisance. Too real for those of us who can't stand out-of-control kids. At the same time it's amusing because - since it's a commercial - the kids are doing everything but disturbing the store displays & merchandise, and anyone who's seen kids in a store knows that those would be the first thing to go.
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