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Thread: Homecoming/Grad Night themes

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    Homecoming in the late 70's early 80' meant a prade and floats and theme days. There was a dance but it was pretty casual. Oh and the powder puff football came with the guys dressed in drag. And a huge bonfire with a snake dance through town. And it was always colder then anything because this was in the UP of Michigan in October which meant it could snow at any time.
    Grad night back then was drinking beer on beach, which is why you all have grad nights now. Your parents thought back to what they used to do and went "omg we could have died"
    Prom themes were based on songs. One prom I went to was "Love is in the Air" with sort of a roman theme to the decorations. Totally forgot what the senior prom was that I went to....clearly it meant alot to me. :rolleyes:
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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    Totally forgot what the senior prom was that I went to....clearly it meant alot to me. :rolleyes:

    Yeah, its funny how little prom means to you in later years. It seems like the biggest thing in the whole world at the time. Only five or six years later, you can barely remember who you hung out with that night.
    Maybe I felt that way because I didn't go with a date. There were about ten of us that went together (guys and girls) both years. The girls all wore red or blue dresses and the guys all wore red or blue bow ties so that we would all match. Judging from the amount of girls with dates that were crying in the bathroom, I can't imagine having a date would have made it mean more to me. I remember having fun, but I don't remember what the decorations looked like (except in the most general terms). I also don't remember who got elected King or Queen, where we went to eat before we arrived, or what anyone (but me) wore.

    So, if you are in high school and are worried to tears about your dress or your date or whatever, don't sweat it. You won't be tormented about it the rest of your life. If you don't have a date, get a group of friends together and all go. If you don't have a fancy dress, buy a thrift store dress for $10 (like one friend did) or borrow one from a cousin. I would always advise going because the only people I know that have any regrets about prom or dances, are the ones who never went.
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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    Just about the same here firegirl...each day of homecoming week was a different theme for dress up with our big finale on the Thursday before Friday's game. That was our "powder puff" game where all the girls played football and the guys were cheerleaders (that was a junior/senior only thing, but a really big deal at my school).
    Same here...I was in high school from 85 to 89. We had different themes each day (rocker theme and the like). The Freshman got to do the class bonfire, the sophmores got to light the "B" on the mountain, the Jrs got to paint the town streets and sidewalks downtown and around the school. The Srs and Jrs also got to play powder puff football...the boys were cheerleaders. I still love to look at my yearbooks with the pics of the guys in cheerleaders uniforms with make up, wigs and fake boobies.
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    JD, your prom sounds cool

    The high school here has there game tonight... right now... I'm so into it :rolleyes

    My oldest son is going to the dance tomorrow night and the theme is "Hollywood Nights". I don't even know what that means

    They also had a theme a day type thing like others mentioned. (4 day week this week) Tue: Pajama day, Wed: Tacky day (stripes and plaids, mis-matched shoes etc.) Thur: Purple and white day (school colors) Fri: Look like someone famous day (that was today, and it didn't go over too well.)
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    Homecoming was Deep Blue Destiny this year. They had a blue covering on the floor and shimmery streamers hanging from the doors. There were balloons everywhere and a bunch of things that are water/ocean related.
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