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Thread: Whats in a name???

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    Whats in a name???

    What is the craziest or strangest name you have EVER heard? I have a couple of doozies...I'm a labor and delivery nurse so I hear it all...not as much as I use to though. When I worked in Berkeley (Bezerkeley) California I heard some winners..
    Okay guys these are for real....get ready to pick up your jaw from the floor...

    1. Twins named Lucifer and Satan

    2. Hippopotumus Jr.

    3. Mustafa O'Brien ( the mom told me she liked the Lion King)

    4. Huckleberry (this was last week)

    5. Hyundai (The woman had a couple of other kids, named Chevrolet and Acura)

    6. Syphilis and Gonarrhea (twins)

    7. Foxy

    8. Sexy

    9. Earth, Wind and Fire (Triplets)

    10. Seven ( It was her seventh kid...all the others were one, two...you get it..)

    11. Peaches

    12 JonKeisha ( This was a very young girl..who was in a lot of pain...the anesthsiologist who put in her epidural was named Jon...She was so happy she named her daughter after him!)

    13. Dracula

    15. Agnes Edith (seriously)

    16. Growing up I new a girl named Thunderlayer and a girl name Summer whos brother was named Brocli..Really..
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    Wow, Tallulahbaby, that's an amazing list. What are these parents thinking???

    I went to a party once a loooonnng time ago and this guy's girlfriend was named, "Bean".

    A fantastic friend from high school married a girl named Pistachio. I am not kidding. They have 5 kids now, but I can't remember what they named them, only that the names were also unusual.

    And, one of my best friends works in this accounting dept. where he has to cut tons of rebate checks for corporations and for individuals, and the name he couldn't believe he had to cut a check for was, "Lemon Jello". Poor, poor, kid. Yes, this was a legal name. *sigh*
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    Wow that is some mixed up stuff! One of my favorite SNL sketches is two playground monitors playing red rover w/a bunch of kids and yelling out some crazy names like that one was Gynolotrimin!

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    I knew a family in which the elderly family members were named King, Quenie and Duke. (they were all in their 80's when I knew them)

    I knew a girl named Jelly when I was grade school.

    One of our file clerks had a little boy recently, she hamed him Civic. When we asked her why she said that was the name that came to her when she saw him.
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    I know of a girl named Ada Roach. She went to school with a couple of my in-laws.
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    We had a family that went to my elementary school that all had crazy names. They were one of those impossibly large families (all girls).
    They named some of them for the seasons: Summer, Winter, and Autumn, and Spring
    The other three they named for celestial type stuff:
    Heaven, Stardust, and Comet.
    I was friends with Spring and she said that she was glad that she was at least in the semi-normal bunch before her parents got really crazy with the space stuff.
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    I agree there were some pretty wild names there that you all listed, and I enjoy reading through sunday newspapers where they have birth announcements. People come up with some pretty wacky stuff

    But, in a hundred years some one those names might be normal and nobody will think anything of it. Spoken languages change and some words will disappear from everyday language and remain only in names. My real name translated into english is 'will-o-the-wisp', except that nobody has really used that specific word in a hundred years or so, except in poetry, so nobody really thinks anything about it anymore. And my sisters would be 'slender sprig' and 'summer'.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    To think kids have to have those names--at least until they are old enough to legally change them. Obviously the parents weren't thinking. I can't top any of those names being listed, but I do know someone named Serenity Matlock-Way. How's that having a name that sounds like a street?

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    6. Syphilis and Gonarrhea (twins)
    What possible reason could the parents have for this?? That's terrible!
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    I know of a woman called Aubergine, which is the name us Brits call Egg plant.

    I also know a guy whose last name is Whalebelly.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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