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Thread: Whats in a name???

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    I've seen all sorts of strange names since I used to be a case worker for the department of family services, but the saddest thing I ever saw was a teenager named "Baby Boy". I couldn't believe the parents (or grandmother, actually, since she had custody) were too lazy to name the child. This young man played for the high school football team. Can you imagine the football announcers at the game : "And it's an interception by Baby Boy...".

    I asked the grandmother why he was never named, and she said when he was born her daughter was on drugs and didn't care, and it would cost a fee if she wanted to change it now! I mean, really!

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    My husband knows a Guy whos mother named him Dolan after her ex,
    (it was the ex's last name) Years later she got back together and married him, Changing her sons name to Dolan Dolan.

    There were quite a few more, but we are both drawing blanks.

    We also know an Orangello.
    Our last name is Vangellow, all one sound like Van(Jello)
    Not Van,Gellow or G sound like "Grapes"

    So I always joke that we will name our baby Orangello Vangellow
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    Im sure no one would like to be called Dick Hertz.
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    There is a family in town with two sons (gorgeous young men now) whose last name is Krumdick. I always thought that would be a hard name to have for a boy.
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    I remember in highschool a 'scandal' broke out what it was discovered that in the phonebook was listed a gentleman named Haywood Jablome. The radio station taunted him mercilessly until he changed number to an unpublished service.

    There are some sick parents out there.

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