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Thread: Whats in a name???

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    One of the daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore is named Scout. Not a bad name as far as unusual names go.

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    One of my mother's friends is Cookie Cook :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambikins
    I know that a lot of the names here are supposed to be "WTF", but one of my clients just had a baby girl and the entire area is in with the name and I wanted to share it.

    She named her "Scout", and my immediate reaction was "Oh my God, Sara (the Mom) must love To Kill A Mockingbird." Apparently it's her favorite book, hence the name.

    The people that I talked to, that had no vested interest in telling a lie, all really love and respond positively to the name. I find it so endearing that I'd actually name a kid of mine Scout.

    Certainly a strong name for a girl! By the way, To Kill a Mockingbird is the "Official" book of Chicago, picked by Mayor Daly to begin the city's Literacy Program.
    Scout's a great name.

    It's just the mothers and fathers who go for the gratuitous "nn"s and "y"s and fruit names that I want to stab.

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    My ObGyn is Dr. Cilley ... yup, just like it looks. When I was in labor, my Mom asked him about his unusual name, and he sighed. "You know," he said, "I tried making people pronounce it 'Sill-aaa,' but it just didn't take. The only time I was uncomfortable was during my rotation in oncology."
    Frankly, I went back to him, mostly because he was a great doctor, but also because, I'll admit, I wanted his name on both girl's birth certificates.

    As for my girls, our last name is Rose, and before my first was born, I announced my preferred list at Easter dinner with the entire in-law family. I started with "Violet."
    Here were the other suggestions:
    Hyacynth (I love the show "Keeping Up Appearances.)
    (at this point the wiser in-laws were smirking)
    Tea (only like the actress... you know, Teh-ah... actually was rather fond of that one... Teh-ahh Rose. But it's like Cilley. She'd be saddled with 'Tee Rose' her whole life)
    Then I went onto
    at this point, my poor mother-in-law was looking horrified, but bless her heart, she didn't say a word.
    In the end, we named the oldest after both her Grandmothers, and the baby is after me and various Aunts, but I refuse to be called "BIG Kathy" so we call her Kate.

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    I thought there was some "law" in the statesn about naming your children *offensive* names.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    One of my cousins had a son a few years ago and named him "Zjahn Luke". Like "Jean Luc" only, you know, not French, and not cool, and not a name found in nature. :rolleyes Beware of Hooked-on Phonics, people, it can work too well.
    Lucky for him, the poor kid goes by Luke.
    Are the parents big Star Trek fans? I mean, I wouldn't pick it for MY son, but then again, speaking of fan faves, my hubby wanted to name the baby Lisa Marie because he likes Elvis. I told him I'd agree to Presley befoer I'd agree to Lisa Marie, only because I objected to the WHY of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nausicaa
    Scout's a great name.

    It's just the mothers and fathers who go for the gratuitous "nn"s and "y"s and fruit names that I want to stab.
    I thought Scout was also a great name; glad it didn't receive any rotten tomatoes thrown at it!

    What IS funny, though, is that her full name is : Scout Olivia Swift...so her initials will be S.O.S! Yes, her mom is aware of that, but Olivia was her Gran's name, so that's how she got it.

    Plus, as Mommy said, "What Scout doesn't know how to send an S.O.S.?!
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    Byt he time I got old enough to read "To Kill A Mockingbird", the name "Scout" to me was synonomous with "Tonto's horse"; still was, after I read it!
    Here's some more puzzlers...why would anyone who has no females on either side of their family who weigh less than 200 pounds name their daughter "Candy" (yes, Candy grew up to be size xxxxlarge....sad)
    I also used to work with a woman named Lavoris; remember the old "pucker power" mouthwash? She was of an age that the mouthwash would have been popular when she was born, too.
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    Several years ago we had a patient with the last name of Fear. His parents named him Landan Atmos.. Landan Atmos Fear.

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    I named two of my kids after tv characters so I totally can't talk.

    When was I much younger I worked at telephone information . There was a sargeant at the nearby air base called ( no kidding)
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Sgt Harry Dick
    <---highlight it He had it listed in the phone book that way and didn't give crap obviously. It must have been a boy named Sue kind of thing for the parents to do that.

    I also went to school with Dusty Street and a Candy Kane . My daughter has friend who's stepdad is Peter Love . Worse he's a doctor , and a professor. The kids giggle through his classes a lot. Doctor Loooooove ( don't even start on the Peter)

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