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Thread: Whats in a name???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wisconsinswede
    I also saw a doc named Dr. Patty Pepper....wouldnt ya like to be a Pepper too?

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    I know a girl name Candy Kane.

    Also know a girl named Stormy.

    There are people who live near us who are extreme Cubs fans. I don't remember all their kids name but their first child's name is H. Carey.

    Also know some people who are Packer fan's and their kids names are Packer, Bay and Favre.

    Know a realtor (he's older) named Harry Wang.

    And last but not least, Shazzer, there are actually twins named Lemonjello and Orangejello that live in Milwaukee.

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    I think I mentioned ths on another thread, but here goes. My girlfriend taught a kid named Pajama, pronounced Paja May. I went to college with a girl named AquaNet.

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    There was a couple on the news last year who are huge Detroit Red Wings fans. They had just had a son and named him Joe Louis. Now that doesn't sound too bad until his last name is added to the mix, Arena. Joe Louis Arena is where the Red Wings play.
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    My friend's niece is named "Keep" , no reason behind the name that she is aware of, the mother just liked the name I guess?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh
    I went to college with a girl named AquaNet.
    No way.

    My older sister has a very weird name. I've never ever heard it before, but my mom was got the name from a contestant in the 1967 Miss Universe pagent when she was preg. - and apparently high. The name is Apasara. Pronounced A - POZ - RA ....poor kid has been repeating and explaining her name all her life. Thank God she got off the drugs before I was born All 4 of us other kids have normal names...must have been a 1st born thing.

    Here's some others:

    Princess - goes by her nickname of Princie.
    Precious - a girl
    Tesla (like the band) - a friend of my 14 year old sister
    Blue - a guy I knew in college
    Brownie - the dad of high school friend
    Dusty Hood - guy I used to work with
    Stoney - and yes, he was a stoner last I knew
    Storm - another friend of my younger sister
    Crimson - a girl named by her alabama football fanatic parents
    I remember a red haired boy in school named 'Rusty Chevy' ...he went by Rusty. Also a girl named Poppy - which might not be so bad in itself but together with her last name it was comical.

    I know a woman and a girl both named Cozy....The woman's real name is Cozette and Cozy is just a nick, the girl's official name is Cozy.
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    Here where I live, there's a local doctor, Dr. Butts...he's a proctologist or whatever kind of doctor does "those" kind of exams. I always figured he had a good sense of humor about his name.

    I have a relative named Crystal Dawn.
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    I went to a new optometrist, Dr. Tearse. I was mentally pronouncing it Dr. Terse, but to my surprise they answer the phone Tears Optometry Center. Now I mentally pronounce it Dr. No More Tears.

    Do people's names influence their profession?
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    I worked with a woman named Lavoris at one time. (remember there was a mouthwash by that name?)
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    My mom's gynecologist's name is ..... Dr. Feeley!

    My Fiancee's mother's dentist's name is Dr. Root

    I have a friend whose name is John Papa... he wants to open a Papa John's and call it John Papa's Papa Johns.

    My brother had a friend in high school names Fonda Batista Tissee Frisbee.

    These are all true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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