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Thread: What's your fave season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliasmq
    MBP That is a way cool avatar!!

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    Shhh it's a secret
    MBP, I am not inside your head, but I'm really glad you share the same sentiments as I do about the seasons.

    I plan on going apple picking this weekend and drive around and look at the foliage. Can't wait!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boredouttamind
    I'm a fall and spring person. Winter is too cold and summer's too hot.
    That's me too. But there are things I love about all the seasons. Holidays...things to do...all kinds of good stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    I know Spring usually signifies new beginnings for most people, but for me, Autumn gives me that feeling. I think it harkens back to when I would return to college every year. I would drive down a particularly beautiful stretch of road to get back to school and enjoy the changing colors while wondering what the year had in store. I think the very young have the lovely ability to see incredible promise in every new year and when you are young, that year starts with school.
    **BUMPS (and dusts off) THREAD**

    Given that it's that time of year when the temps are cooling and the leaves are falling and I'm wearing big, thick sweatshirts as I ride my train, I thought it would be appropriate to give this good, old thread some new life.

    I was particularly struck by Stargazer's observation above, and I reflected a lot on it throughout the day today 'cause I agree with all of it.

    I love this time of year!!!

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    Fall is the best, when the temperature is the way I like it, and the humidity is lower.
    I hate summers here, the sauna effect is horrendous.
    I love spring, hate the sinus problems that come with it.
    Hate winter, because here it usually hovers right around freezing and is wet and nasty.
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    Winter! The countryside blanketed by a fresh snowfall, clean crisp air to breathe, and hockey! :santawave :rudolph
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    Honestly, my favorite season is always the one I'm in. I love spring the best, I think -- the new green on the trees after dreary winter, the warming weather, the flowers, the sense of life. But then summer, even though it's oppressively hot, is so lush and alive, you feel like you could stay out all night. Then fall is cozy, with the smell of burning wood and leaves. And winter is probably my least favorite -- I think I get seasonal oppressive disorder, or whatever it is, more every year, and I hate when it gets dark at 5 and it's always cold. But I love it when it snows, and when you go out and the air is so crisp, and it always makes me feel more moody which isn't always bad.
    So, the sum is, right now I'm looking forward to fall.
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    Over here in San Francisco, all the seasons seem the same, except February is cold and rainy and September is warm.

    But I really love "winter" because of the holiday season.

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    Houston basically has two seasons: 1)hot and humid, and 2) hot and not so humid.

    However, we do have a nice few weeks of winter, which like "fall" for most of you and that's what I love the best. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love being able to wear my winter-y clothes without sweating! lol Plus, its always nice to snuggle with someone to try to "warm up" heheheh

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    I love the spring....when the weather is starting to warm up but its not that oppressive Southern heat we get here in Alabama. The breeze is blowing outside and I can raise my windows throughout my house and listen to the windchimes as the wind blows softly. You get all excited when you see the first buttercups blooming. The thrill of seeing all the bright springy clothes in the stores and how you can't wait to get rid of your long sleeves and dark colors and exchange them for linen and cotton clothes. You finally climb into your car and you feel the rays of the sun beaming thru your windows and you ride home with the sunroof back for the first time that season. My son starts to get excited because baseball practice is right around the corner. My cat jumps in the window and sniffs the breeze blowing thru the curtains and he stretches out and enjoys the warm rays of sun. Aahh...I love spring....
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