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Thread: What's your fave season?

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    i love fall...although, we seem to have gone straight from summer to winter. but, i can deal with winter a lot better than summer. at least in the winter, you can bundle up - in the summer, you're simply screwed.
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    Mmm...that's a tough one!

    I like summer because I get lots of free-time and I can do stuff almost every night/day/what-have-you.

    I like autumn because it's really pretty and cools off after the blistering end of summer.

    I like winter because it snows and gets really, really pretty, plus I get more time off, and I get to perform a lot (singing with my choirs) around Christmas!

    I suppose spring is the only season I don't particularly care for. It doesn't really have anything spectacular that occurs, and it's bad for my allergies.

    In fact, in Colorado we have something more like two seasons: hot and cold.
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    They say there are only 2 seasons in Seattle too, Mantenna...The rainy season and July.

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    Summer, no question. I hate the cold.

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    My favorite seasonings are garlic and cumin. What? Oh seasons! Then I guess that would have to be fall, the turning of the leaves, a little nip in the air, and football on the tube!
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    My favorite season is winter. I love cold weather. My winter and fall clothes are the best. I also love winter because of the holidays and I get to see more of my family.

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    Oooh good Question!!!
    Well see here in California it doesn't snow, it just rains and rains and rains. Also, the summers are very very very hot for about 2 weeks in late June but then it cools down a bit.

    I LOVE winter because I love the Christmas season. Not just the getting present part, but I love the smell of the tree, I love baking cookies, I love eating cookies, I absolutly love Christmas music.

    Fall is okay because in my town we don't have a lot of trees that turn red/brown and fall off. They're all green all the time. But I like it because theres lots of cute sweaters and stuff.

    I hate summer. I hate being hot because when you're cold, you can always put more stuff on but you can only take off so much stuff. Also, I am a ghost so I don't like to show my white belly/legs.

    Spring is okay. It rains like crazy in the spring and by that time you're so tired of the rain from winter you want it to stop. The only part I like about spring is flowers and my birthday

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    Fall has always been my favorite time of year. My birthday, and - I know it just ain't right - back to school. Growing up, we had a mile walk to school and had the chance to breath in all of the sights and smells of fall. Even here in Western Oregon, I don't like the heat of summer and just love it when it starts to get cool and smell like fall!
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    That is a tough one...
    I love summer because it stay light out so late (at my parents house in mid june it's light to almost 10:30pm, I love it) I also love it at night when it is dark and kind of steamy the smell of fresh green trees and flowers. I also love the beach.
    Now during the summer I hate the inner city smells and the heat coming up from the sidewalk. I hate the hot freeway.
    Spring is nice with flowers and breezy days. Everything is very green. but I dislike the rain, the stuff that appears after the snow melts and the mud.
    Fall smells good with falling leaves, fires, crisp days fresh apples, clear cold nights. Love the start of school the sound of football games, hay rides. The only bad thing about fall is it gets dark so fast.
    Winter...love new snow, love Christmas lights, like to cross country ski, hate driving through snow and slush, hate walking over not shoveled sidewalks, hate cleaning off my car, hate that it gets dark at 5pm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    Summer, no question. I hate the cold.
    Same here. Warm weather and girls in short shorts, halter tops, and bikinis. Doesn't get much better than that.

    Plus, winter, fall, and spring are when my sinuses go nuts. Blah.
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