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Thread: What memories come to mind when you look at the stars at night?

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    Hi everyone,

    I am truly amazed at the wonderful and very personal answers to my star question. Keep them coming!

    As mentioned by others, my heart goes out to Molly and Glennajo. I feel honored that you both chose to share the memory of your loved ones with us. Now both you and they will also be part of our thoughts and prayers as we look skyward.

    I have another fun memory to share when I look at the moon. I marvel at the fact that men were once there peering back at the earth. I was an Air Force kid living in New Hampshire during some of the Apollo missions. One of the astronauts, Alan Shepard, was from that area, so it was big news in our town. Also, my family would always watch the coverage on the news and we would get to watch the moon walks, etc. together at school.

    Also, I later lived at Vandenberg AFB in California, so we got lots of opportunities to watch missles launch. At night, it was really cool to see them zooming upward in a bright glowing ball of light. When they would reach the edge of the earth's atmosphere, they seemed to brighten up the sky with a cloud of light. Often, they were launching satellites into orbit. Way cool to witness at the time!

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    When I was about 12 my dad woke me up around 3:00 a.m. on a very cold January morning. He told me to dress warm and walked out of my room. When I shuffled into the kitchen he had a blanket and a basket and a big grin on his face. He put me in his truck and drove out of town and onto a gravel road. He parked the truck and he told me to get out with him and sit on the hood. He opened the basket and it had hot chocolate in a thermus and all kinds of good things to eat. He started to pour the hot drinks when suddenly I saw a falling star, then another, the whole sky was lit up with them. It was a metor shower and a big one. My dad and I sat there and watched the stars fall. Everytime I look at the night sky I remember that early morning with my Dad. He worked so much when I was younger, I didn't get to spend much time alone with him. That is one of the more precious times that I can remember.
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    mstvfan - I lived in Lompoc for several years. I loved it when they launched right near sunset. The trail would still be lit up as the sky grew darker and darker. It's eerily beautiful. Of course, half the time they would launch at 6 a.m. when it was fogged in and there was nothing to see.

    Anyway, carry on with the star stories.
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    What an ass (speaking of the guy who answered the phone in Molly's story).

    Sorry. Just had to say that. Carry on.
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