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Thread: I Want FORT friend sympathy!!! Because.....

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    I Want FORT friend sympathy!!! Because.....

    Ok did you have a ROTTEN DAY? Tell the sad story here

    I am starting this because I had the worst morning and I want some sympathy!!
    The readers digest version is ,, I was stopped by a cop and when he ran my license it showed up that it was suspended.. now I live in basically small town America.. and this has happened 3x now,, the next town over , mistakenly, had it in their computer that I had a suspended license and can't seem to get it off the system.. the last time this happened,, I told the cop,, oh call your Capt...
    ( who happens to be my neighbor, great friends.. etc.. ) he will tell you... bla,, bla.. it is an error.. and they are more than happy to do it.. but not today! I got Joe , everyone hated me in HS , so I became a cop,, just got out of the Academy and now I am running the show guy! So, he says ,, nope I have to separate you from your vehicle! I said,, well, ok,, since you don't think a phone call will take care of it.. Well, that wasn't bad enough!! He then tells me to put my hands on the hood,, frisks me and HANDCUFFS ME!!!!!!!
    I asked him why , and he says its " its my policy" you 'go downtown in the back of my car in cuffs" Again, I say,, can't you just call Capt -------------- and he will vouch that I am not a violent criminal.. for the love of Pete,, we are standing on the busiest street in town.. " nope" he says.. and cuffs me!!!!
    Now, I am bawling...

    I tell him I KNOW he doesn't have to cuff me,, and he says " I want to make sure I go home to my children",, yes, he did!
    I am thinking oh geeze " a little girl" eeks.. :

    So , we get to the station,, and by now I am crying harder.. then my friend and neighbor the police capt,, comes around the corner and I start to do the ugly cry,, the snubbin, hiccup, can't talk or breathe cry.. he uncuffs me,, the 'baby-cop' then says,, mam it appears that there has been an error as you said..

    Well, did he apologize for being so rude,, for no reason.. NO,, Do I have big cry eyes? YES! but, my computer error did get fixed,, the guy had to go downtown and make sure of it!!!
    I did tell him I hoped his wife burned his dinner! ( me = firegirl)!

    And , yes they assured me each time that the 'glich' had been fixed..lol
    So,, since I have been wrongly accused and arrested and cuffed today.. I NEED some TLC from my new fort friends.. please....

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    Evil Slash Crazy Miss Filangi's Avatar
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    Oh Firegirl! That's horrible!!!

    Glad the glitch got taken care of and everything turned out okay.

    Handcuffed you? Geez.. someone's drunk with power.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    I sniff, know, sniff,, I couldn't ,, sniff, sniff, believe it! What a &^&%%$#!!@!**

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    your ad here jodaar's Avatar
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    I grew up in a really small town & know exactly what you're talking about. I'm sure this Barney Fife will be found out soon enough. And I'm sure anybody who knows you will realize that you didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

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    Oh my goodness, what a horrible day.

    I would be so angry if I were you.
    How humiliating to be treated like that when you haven't done anything wrong.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{big cyber hug}}}}}}}}}}}}
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    This is good,, thanks.. sniff,, ( blowing my little nose) I needed that!!!

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    BaBy DiVa
    Firegirl, tell me where he is....so I can avoid that area at all costs! What a pinhead(keeping it PG-13 here)! I can't believe he cuffed you and took you in like a criminal! You must feel like you've been through the wars! I am so sorry that happened to you....sounds like you could use a drinky drink (and for all you painfully underaged readers out there of course I mean drinky drink...pop)! Tomorrow will be better. The Bachelor will be on. And it's Hump Day. The weekend will be here soon. I'm having a little regret for the donation I just made to the policeman who called tonight asking me to donate $25 to get a little sticker saying I support the police to put on my car, which I would not use in a million years (please see my post on pet peeves for more on this).

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    I am starting to feel better ,, You can BET we will be having some big girl drinks tommorow night when we watch the Bachelor 2!!
    Reminds me you need to give me the 411 on your Big Girl drink pref!!

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    Oh Firegirl thats a horrible story. Big cyber{{{{{HUGS}}}} from me too. I hope that idiot gets his Karma...
    The old saying be careful who's toe's you step on on the way up, because someday they may be attached to the butt you have to kiss on the way down.
    Run for Sherriff!

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    I FEEL the love,, thanks yall!

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