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Thread: I Want FORT friend sympathy!!! Because.....

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    ya know, that really sucks FG. Living in a small town myself, I know that part of what makes it suck is that you probably had at least 5 people pass that knew you!

    Even if it is policy to cuff and car, and he's a freak- young-doesn't know better- pain in the a$$- cop, he could have called from right there. Minimum!

    Loser head.

    Hope today went better
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    geez, nothing like a dealing with a new cop to wreck a day. They shouldn't let the new guys out alone. Reminds me of the time I got stopped for speeding. The guy called for back up and I had 2 cops approch my car with guns drawn, because he saw me make a movement with my hand when I saw him. When they asked me what I did (after running my license and seeing I'm just this annoyed 30something social worker) All I did was hit myself in the head when I realized he clocked me and swore like crazy. He was one of those baby cops too. Give me one of the old guy cops anytime.
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