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Thread: A Millionaire - It Could Be You !

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    Season tickets for the hockey games -
    Each of my kids cars that wouldn't kill them (Maybe like a volvo)
    Huge screen TV for the hubby.
    A week at the paw spa for the dog.
    People to do the stuff around the house I don't like- clean toilets etc..
    Fanciest computer I can get my hands on...

    I think I'm out money, but a timeshare in a ski resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    I think I'm out money, but a timeshare in a ski resort.
    Ooo Ooo ooo.. maybe if we have enough left over to split a small but comfortable house, how bout that? We could share, you one weekend, me the other. I really don't care about how fancy, just warm, dry and big enough to bring my boots in (and a fireplace to put them in front)
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    I'd buy a better hous e and sell this one. buy a great conversion van for the wife and I to go on her agility competitions with the dogs and invest the rest for retirement

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    Buy a nice house (nothing crazy, just big enough for four people and our many critters), two nice cars, go back to college, give my husband enough to buy out his partners, go on a great vacation for a couple of weeks, give a couple thousand to my Mom and a couple thousand to my mother and father in law, and invest the rest. Nothing exciting, but all I could ask for.
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    The very first thing, the very first day - I'd take my mom to the Lincoln dealership and buy her the Towncar she has always wanted. If anyone deserves a treat, it's my mom.

    I'd upgrade my eclipse to a newer model.

    Set up my kids, hopefully talk them into going to college (they both opted to pass and get married. Fools.)

    Go back and get my Master's degree.

    Get a better chair for this cramped office, since I spend so much time here.

    Hire a full-time maid. For life.

    If there's any left:

    Consider plastic surgery (44 is starting to show).

    Take a little trip. Nothing extravagant.

    Offer to move my daughter and her husband back to Utah.

    Help my best friend as best I could.

    Blow the rest on shoes, clothes and most of all: jewelry.

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    Travel around the world (Like The Amazing Race!)
    Quit school
    Buy a bungalow

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    $500,000 taxes
    $180,000 pay off my mortgage
    $100,000 daughter's tuition, room and board for 4 years
    $ 5,000 new kitchen floor and nice counters
    $215,000 invested for retirement.

    It's weird that a million wouldn't make a big difference in my lifestyle. I'd still shop at Salvation Army, and I'd still cut my own hair.

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    A blank post by masanka or is it censored ?

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