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Thread: Vitmamins/Supplements/herbs

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    I was wondering, what kind do you take? I'm in the process, and I'm sure others are, of looking for supplements to help with our nutrition, well being, and/or psychological state. If anyone like to list what they take and how it helps them, please do.

    Omega-3 (1000 mg) 2 times a day helps calm my blood pressure and anxiety. Sleep a little better at night. (Something to try, to replace sleeping pills and alcohol)

    I heard Valerian Root is good for anxiety and has a calming affect, anyone have any experience in this natural supplement?? Please reply.

    I also take co-q10 and multi-vitamins, but i have no idea if it's working, but i've only heard good things about them, so i keep taking them.

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    Well, tv_is_fake, I guess I am still too young and have yet to start taking vitamins/supplements/herbs ... But I heard that they are good and you should take them as a normal daily basis. It will help give your body enough nutrients to face the day ahead and replenish your body.

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    I take fish oil which has omega 3 in it...my doctor believes it's good not only for your heart but your brain also as it supplies good needed fat. I have no clue if it works but I do take it.
    I take a multi vitimin...but I'm bad at remembering to.
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    http://floraleads.com/herbs4health.htm has a list of some of the side effects of herbal remedies such as valerian root. You should do your own research on the subject. It's good to remember that just because these things occer naturally, that doesn't mean they don't have side effects. The side effects have just been studied less and aren't listed on the container because they didn't need approval from the FDA.

    I know the list I linked to doesn't include all the side effects, because I know of some from St. John's Wort that aren't listed there - that's why I suggest you do some research before putting anything "medicinal" in your body.

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    I agree Blindart. A lot of herbs react in negative ways with prescription meds too, so you should definitely check them out thoroughly before using.

    One herbal remedy that I have had AMAZING results with is an immunity booster called "Wellness Formula" (made by Source Naturals - you can get it at most natural food stores such as Wild Oats or Whole Foods). It's a combination of 20 different herbs including echinacea, golden seal, garlic, etc.

    It's not something you take routinely, but as soon as you feel like you may be coming down with something you start taking one or two every few hours. My friend who is in Cirque du Soleil takes it because he has shows every night and if he's sick...too bad! Since I started using it I haven't had a cold, and I typically get several a year.

    Wellness Formula is good stuff!!

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    I don't have anything to recommend, but I do not believe that herbs, maybe vitamins or suppliments too, are not regulated by the FDA. Be careful. If anyone knows different, please post.

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    I have been looking into herbal supplements for a specific problem. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and been able to find an herbal remedy that helped.

    Anyway, when I was pregnant, I was prescribed antibiotics for almost the entire duration. This weakened my immune system to the point that now, almost two years later, I am still having problems. I catch everything now. I constantly have colds and stuff.

    The 'Wellness Formula' that Molly Rose mentioned seemed to be an occasional boost to the system. Has anyone heard of anything that can be used regularly to 'rebuild' your immune system? I realize no one on here is a doctor, but I was just curious if anyone had used something that worked.
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    I don't take anything. I don't believe in anything more than eating a varied and fairly healthy diet.

    My wife takes calcium and fish oil.

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    I take a woman's multi-vitamin, vitamin E to keep my skin in good shape, and a B-50 complex to make up for not eating enough vegetables (I never learned to like them). I have far fewer 'problems' since taking the B vitamins, and they were recommended by a health care professional.
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    i take b12 shots 1x a month for energy and take 1000 mg of vitamin c daily. when i'm trying to grow my hair out quickly, i'll pop prenatal vitamins for a month or two.

    i like the idea of herbal meds, but i had a friend end up in the hospital with chest pain and panic attack symptoms from taking the wrong combo of herbs.

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