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Thread: Things I like!

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    1. Fall mornings
    2. Summer mornings
    3. Christmas Morning
    4 Getting to sleep late
    5. Thunder storms when I am in bed
    6. Smell of Brownies baking, eating brownies
    7. Remembering something that makes me laugh out loud
    8. Starting a really long good book
    9. Real fires
    10. Roasting Marshmallows
    11. Lying on the beach 1/2 asleep and warm
    12 College football
    13 kissing and kissing
    14 my daughters laugh, smell, smile and kisses
    15 Chocolate!
    16 my dogs when they are soo happy to see me!
    17 new car smell
    18 clean house
    19 Calls from family and friends just for fun
    20 giving fun presents and getting them too!

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    Oooo I like all ya'all's likes a lot. (try saying that 3 times fast..) More good knowledge about the FORT peeps... Keep 'em comin' (and I have to tell you I like reading the stuff that has branched off from original lists, i.e. like all the things you love about cigarettes )

    1. People who make me laugh and people who I can make laugh

    2. my job and the people I work with (I work with hilarious, really cool people)

    3. Quiet. Ahhhhhh....just quiet. I covet it so, that it deserves to be separated from the rest of the likes with it's own little quiet buffer zone.

    4. Watching hours and hours of television in the privacy of my own home with no one there to harass me for my poor taste.

    5. Privacy. Ahhh...see #4 and heck being able to be on the internet until dawn without disturbing anyone

    6. My friends. You know I think if I stabbed someone they'd still be like, "WHATever Shazz, it ain't you, man. The dude FELL on it."

    7. Staying up really, really, late, and waking up really, really late. I'm a noctural being. Runs in the family, and I like it.

    8. Meeting people. Yeah, I really like meeting people, like to ask them a bunch of questions, I'm just always fascinated by the different things that people will say and have done with their lives.

    9. Art. I loooove art. I love looking at it, I love creating it, I love hearing about other people creating it, how they create it, what to do with it...etc. etc.

    10. Children's books. Yeah...wanna make summin' of it? Well anyway I love them. I own a billion. It's read a "normal" book, read a kid's book, read a normal book, read a kid's book. I love the creativity it takes to make them and capture a fickle kid's interest, and I love the artistry behind them, including the artwork etc. Love the whimsy of it all.

    11. Being organized. This is because I'm not, and would like to be, and whenever I succeed, life runs so much more smoothly. *sigh* I'm obsessed with organizing shows.

    12. Doing nothing. When time permits. I.e. having the time to just sit there and stare at the ceiling, thinking of whatever, coming up with ideas, etc. etc.

    Way more than this, but I'm not putting a like under the number 13.
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    Great lists everybody!
    I might as well just copy Mantenna's list, but there's a few different things, so I'll *try* to be original.

    I like

    My friends & family - Hockey & Sports in general - Music -The FORT - The FORT's smilies - SHOPPING - sleeeeeping - writing - learning different languages - saying "How YOU doin'" - Pixar movies - nail polish - the color blue- Ryan Opray of Survivor - talking on the phone too much- laughing - Harry Potter books
    and last but not least : EATING :chef

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    Eating is definitely high on my list of 'likes'. I also like that my Grandma thinks I'm too skinny no matter how much I weigh
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

    "I'll just see where Providence takes me and try to look like I got there confidently." - Craig Ferguson

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