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Thread: A good deed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    Well, I did a little tiny good deed.....

    It's never a tiny deed to save the life of an animal. As for that girls parents, shame on them! They should have never told their child that she either find a home for her pet or they were going to have it put down. What if you hadn't of intervened? That child would have gone years feeling guilty that she hadn't found the little gal a home (until she was old enough to realize her parents were being jerks). Its one thing if they wanted to get rid of the guinea pig. There are much kinder ways of doing it then to put the little girl in that position.
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    A good deed (sort of ) by me

    Theres this guy in my HEalth/ Drivers Ed class who is really really scared of needles. We were watching some video and they showed a needle. He turned white as a ghost and nearly threw up. The next day, some jerk brought a bike needle into class and started to shove it in his face. This guy turned very white again. The other guys (all jerks IMO) in my class started to go "Needle needle needle. Hey remember in that movie when he sticks a needle through his head?" So this guy hes saying "I'm gonna throw up. Stop it stop it stop it." But of course, being 9th grade guys, they don't stop. So I am just all "Shut up you guys! Move on to a different subject okay??" And they stopped. I'm sure that this guy didn't particularly want a girl standing up for him, but I couldn't just let that one go.

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    good for you pinkie, ninth grade boys can be total pains in the rear

    and stargazer I was thinking the same thing about the parents. Geez nothing like putting pressure on the kid. But we seem to be fine and the "hey sweetie" calls seem to have calmed down.
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