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Thread: Stress Management FORT Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayla
    I had a similar experience in graduate school. It was after midnight and I was really frustrated, didn't want to write a paper that was due. A friend of mine said, "I dare you to be mediocre." So I finally sat down at the computer and wrote what ever I felt like writing. Well, I wrote that paper entirely in rhymed couplets (just so as to have fun with a boring assignment) without worrying about how it would be assessed. Fortunately, the professor took to it well and appreciated the creativity. But, regardless of the professor's enjoyment, my friend's advice helped me get the job done.
    This reminds me of various writing advice. I.e. there's no such thing as writer's block, only a fear of being really crappy at it. I can't remember what writing book I was reading, but there's a whole chapter in it called sh**ty first drafts. Very liberating, really. Once you let go of the need to be perfect, you actually end up writing a lot better. As is true for all things.
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    That does sound like a liberating book, Shazzer!

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    Is self improvement books also about managing stress ?

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    Since I absolutly love to bake, I do this -
    Baking a very detailed and complex recipe, decorating a cake something that will take my mind off completly off of the thing I'm stressing about. And if you don't have the time, what I do is fill a Ziploc bag with melted chocolate, cut of a corner, and start to decorate a plate with just some random designs. You completly forget about that report you have due tomorrow and all that.

    Also, nice deep long breaths really help too. I learned this from my massage therapist (and no I'm not some stuck up rich kid who gets massages every week-Its for medical reasons) Breathing really helps you destress and let go all of that tension you've been holding.

    Another thing I'll do is just watch TV with my cat. I think that just hanging with your pet relaxes you a lot.

    Ooh and Chocolate helps BIGTIME. I recommend having some stash somewhere that you promise yourself you wont go into unless you really really need it

    I really don't get too stressed, but sometimes juggling homework and a sport is pretrty hard to do. For school, I really care about my grades, but believe me, there is nothing that you can't make up (besides a final ) But seriously, if you've been doing well before that failed test or the crappy report, it really wont bring your grade down so far that you can't make it up. There's extra credit Also, if the reason you failed your test is because your aunt just died(just some random example) tell the teacher. Chances are they will understand and will allow you to make up the report or give you some extra credit. I've learned that almost all teachers have a heart; otherwise they wouldn't be able to stand kids 5 days a week.

    Super advice everyone
    Shazzer- really good advice about doing it step by step I totally agree

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    I take these supplements:

    Omega-3 1000 mg per day (I like it, so I'm raising it to 2000 mg tomorrow) This helps to lower hypertension and blood pressure, thus relieves stress. I used to take anxiety pills from the psychologist, couldn't handle the side affects. Omega-3 calms my heart down and makes me relax better. Does it work or is it all in my head?? Not sure, I'm on my 3rd day on it. But still, This pill might not work for people, but if it doesn't, atleast it helps in other areas like blood pressure, cholesterol, arteries, better blood flow, and lots of good stuff, cause your body cannot make omega 3 oils on it's own, which the body benefits from. Go research it on the net yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's not addictive so if you don't like it or don't feel any different, you won't have any withdrawel syndromes or anything like that.

    Co-q10 100 mg, I don't know if this helps for stress, but I heard it's one of the best anti oxidants out there. And keeps your heart and cells in good condition. I heard people take this to counter act the side affects of cholesterol pills on the joints. Check it out on the net, see for yourself before you try it. Even if you do try it, it's just a supplement, it don't got any side affects or any bad stuff like that.

    Multi vitamin,not sure if this lowers stress, but it's always good to take these. Youngster or adults. NO need to check it out on the net, it's pretty common sense to take these.

    If anyone know of any other supplements(legal and over the counter) that you can get from the store, feel free to post them, I'd love to try anything new that might help.
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