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Thread: What are you going to be for Halloween?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    Czech, please! And a tip of the stake to ol' Jean Huss.

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    Halloween is my favorite day of the year. In the past, I'd always dress up and attend different costume parties. I've been Madonna (wore fancy underwear over a leotard), every kind of vampire you could imagine, a gypsy, a one-eyed-purple-people-eater, and on and on.

    The last few years I've attended Masquerade Balls online. It's great fun to get 4 or 5 IDs so you can be many different things.

    I wish we had trick-or-treaters here, but we don't. Live too far out in the boonies now.

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    the runs in your stockings.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lil_Cutie
    Sorry about the beeyotch for a friend MSC! We all have them, I guess.
    Aww...thankies. You're a doll.
    I was in love with a difficult man.

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