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Thread: Home Remedies

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    Yikes! Sorry to hear you're so sick Amanda.

    My parents had quite a few home remedies while I was growing up. Can you believe my dad would make me snort hot salt water through my nose and spit it out my mouth whenever I was congested? Um...I wouldn't recommend that...it's just as unpleasant as it sounds. I always liked it when my mom made hot lemon and honey water though. Good stuff.

    I had a friend in college that would only eat oranges and steamed onions when she was sick. She swore by it, but I've never tried it because it sounds almost as bad as snorting hot salt water.

    Good luck and get well soon.

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    These are all great remedies! I have to try some if I get sick again.

    I don't really have anything new to add to this list, but I agree, tea does wonders when you're sick.
    I had a friend in college that would only eat oranges and steamed onions when she was sick. She swore by it, but I've never tried it because it sounds almost as bad as snorting hot salt water.
    Eating oranges when you're sick helps out a lot, but I've never tried the onions one before.

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    Wow Z, your parents really pampered you when you were sick, huh?

    Sorry to hear you feel like crap Amanda. Feel better soon.

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    I ususlly do the Thera-Flu thing and it works for me quite well. Last week I got a real bad sore throat and used Tylenol Sore Throat Liquid Pain Reliever (honey lemon flavor) and it worked real well. Basically it's acetaminophen but it did give me relief from the sore throat. I switched between that and Alka Selzer cold and flu tablets every other dose. Lasted about 4 - 5 days. Hope you get better 'cause being sick sucks!

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    A roommate in college made hot toddys: hot water, lemon, honey, and Jack Daniels. Emphasis on the JD. She always slept like a log afterwards.

    Another friend in college would put cayenne pepper on a spoon, then drizzle honey over it and swallow about 3 tablespoons. Never tried that one - this girl was a full on hypochondriac.

    Stick to the salt water & anything warm & soothing you like. Hope you feel better soon! Somehow it doesn't seem fair to get sick when the cold weather hasn't hit yet.
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    I always have sinus problems and sore throats. I just discovered Benadryl's Allergy & Cold. It's great and it makes your throat feel better ASAP. Just a warning, it caused MARKED drowsiness!! I hope you feel better soon.

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    Eat a lot of food, it strenghtens your immune system. And I'm not talking about junk food. Also get good air circulation. Go outside.

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    zinc makes a cold go away faster - you can get it as pills in the vitamin aisle of a grocery store. Don't get the zinc cough drops, they are awful!

    green tea, hot toddies, all that sounds good. and go to a doctor if you haven't yet and have a strept culture done - maybe you need some antibiotics.

    And don't forget chicken soup. (I usually make my husband go for wonton soup if I'm sick)

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    Amanda, I hope you feel better soon, and that you enjoy spending time relaxing at home. Sometimes it's nice to be sick, because then you can let yourself off the hook for everything! It forces you to slow down.

    My remedies are very similar to Shazzer's. The emergen-C stuff is excellent. Those packets aren't just a lot of C; they contain B-vitamins and potassium. I make a packet of emergen-C when I have to stay up late or when I feel emotionally-drained. Echinacea/goldenseal is another excellent suggestion. Buy the herbs in bulk and make a fresh tea, or buy a tincture. Sometimes capsules made with herbs lose their beneficial properties when left sitting out for too long.

    My new favorite thing, just as a daily tonic, is a bottle of Ginger Wonder. It's a syrup made of ginger and honey. A good cold and flu remedy is a homeopathic remedy called oscillococcinum. It's best to take a vial of that when you suspect the onset of the flu, but it'll work if you've already been sick for awhile.

    And of course, flood yourself with liquids. Drink warm drinks; take hot showers. Breathe fresh air.

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    Hot chicken soup mmmmmmmm

    Vernors Ginger Ale....warm not so good but it seems to help

    steam...boil some water and stick your face over it and breath in, put some euclptus oil in it (no clue how to spell that)

    and hot tea, lemon, honey and a little whisky is what my grandma would slip me when my parents weren't around, makes you sleep like a log (or a like you were on a drunken bender)
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