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Thread: Can't believe I did it. and did it correctly!

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    Can't believe I did it. and did it correctly!

    well. while on the mend here I have the pleasure of watching the wife mow the yard, giggles abound!!!!!!

    Anyway, the lawn mower wouldn't start yesteday so this morning I got out there, had help putting it on a stubby table so as not to scrunch my belly and started to try and figure out what the heck was not working right. I could prime it to work and if i kept pumping the knob it would run but quit when I stopped, like it ran out of gas. First thought I got a clog in the system somewhere in the carb. so called my buddy. he splained how to take it apart and off I went. took it apart grabbed my big Horse Hypo. got it from the vet, to shoot glue under veneer to repair old funiture. and blasted anything with a hole in it. guess what??? It's fixed, (puffing chest out proudly) this from the guy who is not mechanically inclined with motors at all, engines and anything that goes varoom varoom.

    So do you have a story to share too? where you even surprized yourself when you went to tackle that one job you have no experience in at all?

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    Congrats on the job well done

    Well, I have a story, but it's more that my husband did something I did not think he could at first. This involves a lawnmower as well. He got an older riding lawnmower from his friend, it was not working and the friend anyway needed a newer more efficient model for his farm. Anyway, husband started repairing it, it took about 6 months (yes he lived in garage for nearly half a year, this part I was not so happy with), but then he finally fixed it and it runs. Well, except that now after a good half a year of running ok, one of the belts apparently has loosened and he has to change that. But I was pretty impressed that he fixed it in the first place. He learned a lot doing it too, and so locating the problem this time around was easy.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    When my husband was away for a while on a business trip, I had to mow the lawn, with his stupid riding mower. The instructions are very clear that you have to prime the choke or something before starting it. I've had to do that on an army HMMWV before - you have to wait for the choke thing to glow or something (it's been about 10 years, I forget exactly what I had to do) then you can start it.

    So I look for the choke, but all I can find is the little white icon for the choke painted on the mower - no actual button, just like a silk screened sort of thing that is the symbol for the choke. I had to call the 1-800 number to ask where is the thing.

    Turns out there is none really, it's an automatic thing that happens when you start the ignition. They couldn't explain why it was listed as a separate step, but they sure had fun laughing at me. :mad:

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    Blindart, you should mention the brand name of the mower so we all know not to buy that brand if thats the way they treat people on their cust. line and they have an extra step in the instructions that isn't needed.

    funny how these have been lawn mower stories so far.

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    Speaking of lawnmowers..

    This spring I was busy putting out my outdoor toys for the kids and I decided I wanted to move the sandbox. The weather had been just beautiful and the grass was growing in quite nicely.
    So, I thought I should mow the grass where I intended to put the sandbox. I went to the shed, wrestled with the rusty lock, finally got that open then I had to just about pull one of the doors off the track to get it open. Finally I had the lawnmower ready and in position. All I had to do was plug it in and *poof* bob's your uncle. Right??
    I searched that stupid lawnmower high and low I couldn't find the cord anywhere! I was so frustrated I just gave up.
    Later that day when my husband woke up (he works graveyard) I told him I had alot of trouble with the damned lawnmower.. and could he please go out and fix it?
    He came back into the house and he asked What exactly was wrong with the lawnmower?? I said I tried to plug it in but I wasn't able to find the cord anywhere.
    Much later .. when my loving husband picked himself up off of the floor, he informed me that we have a gas powered mower and I couldn't find the plug because there isn't one. The weed whipper is electric.

    I suppose that could go in the embarassing moments thread too LOL.. go ahead laugh, it's damned funny
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    At least you wanted to use the mower.

    Where I used to live I volunteered to mow for my landlord. He worked a lot and is a nice person. Anyway, I've never been on a riding mower. He showed me the two levers to use to go either forward or reverse and to lift or lower the blades. I put the lever all the way forward and away I went! That sucker was moving towards the fence and I steered it away. He told me to go forward, but he never said anything about how far forward to move that lever! I was bouncing around like crazy. I thought it was funny. I did mow this property twice before moving. It's fun when doing it is a novelty, but it's work when you have to do it all the time.

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    i don't mow. not a lawnmower victory story!

    I'm a computer moron, and I don't mean a moron who uses the computer...
    I have no clue how to do anything involving computer upkeep. Pretty much all I know how to do is email and post at the fort, and I'm not very good at that!

    But anyhoo, my computer got the blaster virus last month, and I didn't even figure that out for myself, someone else had to tell me about it. (turns out when that microsoft update thingy comes up on the screen, you really do need to download them.) About five minutes after I'd connected to the internet, my computer would give me a warning and then it would totally shut down. I called this guy who works on my computer and he said he couldn't help me because his internet wasn't working and I needed a fix from symantec.

    Well, it took me about an hour and a half total to do, but I connected, went and read what I needed to do. Got shut down. Connected and downloaded a patch from microsoft. Got shut down. Connected and found the blaster fix. Got shut down.... you see the pattern. Needless to say, I fixed it myself and got rid of the nasty worm, and I am so proud of myself!!!

    Maybe I'm getting the hang of this computer thing after all.

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    Since you asked, our lawnmower is a craftsman. But that's probably not a surprise for anyone that's dealt with Sears before. Their customer service has always been dreadful.

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    sounds like a tractor Blindart! We have to hold the key backwards in the tractor untill the glow plug "glows" then we can start it.

    Hmmmm a story of something I did right? Does teaching my daughter to use the ride on so I don't have to count?

    Our lawn is in such a shambles right now. Here is what I found when I moved something in our lawn
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    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    hm... well I can turn on the computer and go online without it blowing up... I can turn on my cellphone... Yeah, I'm not very good with electronics

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