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Thread: 9/11 - Never Forget!

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    I hear ya UnkleScott...thank you for the reminder.

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    This thread was a great idea, Unklescott. I will pray for the families and loved ones of those killed. It was hard not to cry today with all the tributes I heard on the radio...I finally had to put on a book on tape to calm down.

    The one thing that sticks out in my mind about that day and those following was the lack of airplanes. I live in the landing path of a major airport and it was strange not to see planes. Then I saw one landing and it actually scared me.
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    Unkle Scott,

    I echo the thanks. For me, it should be a day of peace and coming together. The way my company reacted two years ago really impressed and helped me. Today, we had another blood drive in memory of the victims of 911.

    It's good to look into the light and not search for darkness. Who needs it? I hope next year the news will tell us about the increase in donations, volunteers, random acts of kindness and who knows what else! (I can dream, can't I?)

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    Dagwood, I understand what you mean. I tried to avoid the news today after I saw a little girl holding up a pic of her father which read, "remember me". It probably wasn't the best thing to do, but I tend to get so involved in it and not do anything else. It was good to go to school after work and keep busy. It's good to have the coverage, but we still would remember and feel sad anyway. I know it made a positive impact on my life because I refused not to have something grow out of all that death.

    Peace to you all. Give love and be loved.

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    i find the experience to have been horrible...of course... and terrifying...but also, in a way...Life-Affirming. Because sometimes people don't know how great they really can be, they really are until they are put into the cruellest and most horrible situations...

    There's a Dostoevsky quote, I think, that goes like this: "The darker the night, the brighter the stars. The deeper the grief, the closer is God."

    And a favorite quote, of course, I forgot who actually should be credited for it: "Only when worldly disaster has worked its utmost can we realize that there remains something in a man's soul which is forever beyond the accidents of existence with power in its own right to make life beautiful..."


    I really do notice all the planes in the sky...and I now look up to see every one of them that passes overhead.

    Police cars and fire engines with sirens blasting can easily make me cry...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    When I started this thread, I didn't mean to stir a political debate. I just buried my best friend of 40 years last week. He passed away unexpectedly on my sons birthday. This has been a bad week for me. All I wanted to do was to make people take time today to think about the great loss of human life that occured 2 years ago. Life is way too short and we should all take time to smell the roses. As Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along?"
    I'm sorry for your loss, Unklescott.

    I have nothing truly personal vested in the 9/11 incident, so I can't put myself in y'all shoes. I'm sorry if my post have hurt the feelings of others - I do get carried away sometimes, being a PoliSci student involved in various human rights issues. Sometimes I can't even tell when I'm being insensitive.

    Please, carry on. I won't disrupt the flow any further.
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    I wrote this the day of the attacks during a class to keep from losing it(I'm a bit of a write but this is a rough poem)

    I saw the news today
    It looked like a movie but this time was not
    True darkness was taken over America
    Not even the guy from Sci-Fi Channel could see this

    Darkness is taking over but light tries to peek through
    The cross on my chain is a reminder of real love
    The flag still stands on campus but it feels like a ghost town

    People called to the base and classes half empty
    People want action,I just want to cry
    I worry for the wife of a airman,will she be ok?
    Nothing makes sense anymore

    My pen speaks what I can not make myself say
    I feel like my skin is crawling with bugs of hate
    Class is over,time to check the news
    It just got personal
    Someone I knew through another is dead

    I want to go home and cry but the ladies room will have to do
    This time it's too real too soon
    The pen is mighter than the sword of hate
    Love does conquer all and something in me wants to prove that

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    I know I said I'm not going to post further here, but...this has no poltiical over/under-tones to it. Here are two poems by the late, great Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai. The middle one is a poem by Stephen Dunn. I thought I'd share.

    The Diameter of the Bomb

    The diameter of the bomb was thirty centimetres
    and the diameter of its effective
    range—about seven metres.
    And in it four dead and eleven wounded.
    And around them in a greater circle
    of pain and time are scattered
    two hospitals and one cemetery.
    But the young woman who was
    buried where she came from
    over a hundred kilometres away
    enlarges the circle greatly.
    And the lone man who weeps over her death
    in a far corner of a distant country
    includes the whole world in the circle.
    And I won't speak at all about the crying of orphans
    that reaches to the seat of God
    and from there onward, making
    the circle without end and without God.

    To a Terrorist

    For the historical ache, the ache passed down
    which finds its circumstance and becomes
    the present ache, I offer this poem

    without hope, knowing there's nothing,
    not even revenge, which alleviates
    a life like yours. I offer it as one

    might offer his father's ashes
    to the wind, a gesture
    when there's nothing else to do.

    Still, I must say to you:
    I hate your good reasons.
    I hate the hatefullness that makes you fall

    in love with death, your own included.
    Perhaps you're hating me now,
    I who own my own house

    and live in a country so muscular,
    so smug, it thinks its terror is meant
    only to mean well, and to protect.

    Christ turned his singular cheek,
    one man's holiness another's absurdity.
    Like you, the rest of us obey the sting,

    the surge. I'm just speaking out loud
    to cancel my silence. Consider it an old impulse,
    doomed to become mere words.

    The first poet probably spoke to thunder
    and, for a while, believed
    thunder had an ear and a choice.

    Temporary Poem of My Time

    Hebrew writing and Arabic writing go from east to west,
    Latin writing, from west to east.
    Languages are like cats:
    You must not stroke their hair the wrong way.
    The clouds come from the sea, the hot wind from the
    The trees bend in the wind,
    And stones fly from all four winds,
    Into all four winds. They throw stones,
    Throw this land, one at the other,
    But the land always falls back to the land.
    They throw the land, want to get rid of it.
    Its stones, its soil, but you can't get rid of it.

    They throw stones, throw stones at me
    In 1936, 1938, 1948, 1988,
    Semites throw at Semites and anti-Semites at anti-Semites,
    Evil men throw and just men throw,
    Sinners throw and tempters throw,
    Geologists throw and theologists throw,
    Archaelogists throw and archhooligans throw,
    Kidneys throw stones and gall bladders throw,
    Head stones and forehead stones and the heart of a
    Stones shaped like a screaming mouth
    And stones fitting your eyes
    Like a pair of glasses,
    The past throws stones at the future,
    And all of them fall on the present.
    Weeping stones and laughing gravel stones,
    Even God in the Bible threw stones,
    Even the Urim and Tumim were thrown
    And got stuck in the beastplate of justice,
    And Herod threw stones and what came out was a

    Oh, the poem of stone sadness
    Oh, the poem thrown on the stones
    Oh, the poem of thrown stones.
    Is there in this land
    A stone that was never thrown
    And never built and never overturned
    And never uncovered and never discovered
    And never screamed from a wall and never discarded by the builders
    And never closed on top of a grave and never lay under lovers
    And never turned into a cornerstone?

    Please do not throw any more stones,
    You are moving the land,
    The holy, whole, open land,
    You are moving it to the sea
    And the sea doesn't want it
    The sea says, not in me.

    Please throw little stones,
    Throw snail fossils, throw gravel,
    Justice or injustice from the quarries of Migdal Tsedek,
    Throw soft stones, throw sweet clods,
    Throw limestone, throw clay,
    Throw sand of the seashore,
    Throw dust of the desert, throw rust,
    Throw soil, throw wind,
    Throw air, throw nothing
    Until your hands are weary
    And the war is weary
    And even peace will be weary and will be.

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    I tried to avoid the news today after I saw a little girl holding up a pic of her father which read, "remember me".[QUOTE]

    There was a picture like this in the paper today...it was a little boy at ground zero standing by a picture that said I Love You Daddy. There was a firefighter comforting him. I spent part of my coffee break in tears. It is the little kids that get to me, there was a picture in the People edition dedicated to 9/11, in it there was a picture of a little boy crying on his mom's coffin. That one still gets to me.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    I haven't seen my cousin for about 2 years (since 8/01,). When I knew that I was going to his surprise birthday party, other than being so happy that I would see other family members, I was afraid that I might cry when I saw him because the party was supposed to be very festive. (I was almost sure that we lost him on 9/11. At first, I called my mother and she tried to find out info. She tired to calm me down and told me that the plane(s) struck higher than his office and that he must have gotten out. We were listening to the radio and watching a TV at work and of course the twin towers collapsed. It still hurts today thinking about those people and their last moments. God Bless the rescuers who went into a situation they must have known would be fatal. It's just too awful for words. At work we gathered supplies and had a truck escorted into NYC. Afterwards, there was prayer in the cafeteria. With a feeling of peace, I returned to find a message from my mother that he called his wife and was okay!!! I was ecstatic, but couldn't show it because a few others were waiting to hear word about their loved ones.). Anyway, the party was great with the music, dancing, singing, and mini tributes. His best friend did his version of the Letterman top ten. He was saying what his top ten reasons for loving R. are. They were sweet and funny. Just before he got to #1, I saw his hesitation and tears in his eyes. It was something like, "and the top reason I love you is that I cried like a baby when I thought that I lost you on September 11, I love you". I got teary eyed, but held it together, unlike on 9/11/01. That is my little story on why I'll never forget 9/11. I don't think anyone with a heart will ever forget the tragedy of September 11, 2001. It just goes to show you that 9/11 is something that will be in our hearts and come to our minds when we least expect it.

    It's not good to dwell so much that we are afraid and that life doesn't go on as it should. However, it's a reminder of how uncertain this world is. That we should appreciate all the good, both big and small, things and not delay in doing something nice for ourselves or someone else.

    (I know I sound cornier than a kernal, but that's how I feel and what I think.)
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