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Thread: How do you get someone who appears not to like you, interested?

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    water skiing team practices? There is a team for that? wow.
    Anyway, calm down and think, how do you like to be treated? Most of us want someone who is pleasant, interested in us and willing to talk. That's the basics for friends or dates. There is no magic wand or formula to follow from there. I've known guys for 4 months before they asked me out and I've had guys ask me out minutes after meeting me and of course the much larger group of men who had no clue I was on this earth ....couldn't tell you what I did different since I tend to act the same all the time.

    My advice, relax, enjoy yourself, you are in college (one of my faverate places in the world) and don't worry, you will figure out what to say without pushing so hard to sound smart (or sassy or sexy or flirty or whatever you are going for)
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    Yeah, definitely. I know what you're saying. I guess, I'm definitely more "cool" when I'm around people I've known for along time, and I totally act differently than I do around people I just meet, even girls.

    Water skiing...it's a club, I guess. I just call it a team cuz they have tournaments and stuff, but anyone can join. LOL...I can't imagine he'd have tons of experience cuz he's from the cornfields area of Wisconsin. He actually went to HS in Iowa. Isn't that weird? To go to HS in a completely different state?

    I think the easiest way to get comfortable with him would be to get one on one with him, but that's kinda hard when he's tight with 3 girls who are also tight with each other. I'm sorta working my way into that group, but it's slow going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliasmq
    Flash Him .........then Smile
    That would work for a one-night-stand, but I would have problem getting into a long term relationship with a stranger who does that.

    If you can flash accidentally (intentionally), then act embarrassed instead of smiling, then it would excite his interest both short-term and long-term. For example, a woman in a skirt bending over to pick up something always excite me.
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    Be yourself. If they STILL don't like you, it's their loss.

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    you know what you do?

    do what i do around guys i am not interested in...the more i hate them the more they keep following me around.
    don't do what i do around guys i want to jump because i have a strange ability to turn them off.

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