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Thread: The Joys Of Being A Dad

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    LOL My youngest She is four and she has an angels face and a devils tongue.

    I had to go to her babysitters once because this kid was messing with her...So she flips him off and tells him to "sit and spin" I get there and ask her why she did it and she looks me right in the eyes and says cause mommy he pissed me off. Mental not to self DO NOT CURSE ANYMORE IN FRONT OF THE KIDS.

    My oldest is a very proud girl My husband is stationed at Ft. Hood..for awhile We stayed back home in Indiana she was four at the time. We had to go get Military IDS. She sees a guy in uniform and tells him very happily that her daddy was in the Army too. He looks down at her and says no I am a Marine. Kinda got snotty with her...She looks him up and down and in her best holier than thou voice she says so What my daddy is in the Army....and proceeds to flounce off with her nose in the air and a wiggle in her butt....lol He looks at me and says I think I just got put in my place by a kid..I said yeppers ya sure did

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    A couple of months ago I was driving my kids to camp and I was on the phone with my wife and we were talking about the night before ,I was speaking metaphorically and my wife was like"WHAT R U SAYING". My 8 yr old having heard my wife ask,grabbed the phone and said"Daddy is talking about sex" He said it so matter of factly ,my wife and I were lol for about 30 mins.

    Kids say the darndest things!

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