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Thread: What were you in high school?

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    Yikes. I am the opposite of everyone here, basically.

    Friends with every social group.
    One boyfriend - during junior and senior years. He was a hottie - a drummer in a real professional (not marching band) band.
    Excellent grades, never cracked a book. AP classes. However, I had to beg to graduate because I sort of forgot to show up some days. Good thing I'm a good salesman.
    Super tall - 5'11" and 125 pounds. Not anorexic, but quite thin. No extra-curriculative activities, unless smoking pot in the parking lot counts.
    I was, however a member and active participant in DECA, marketing and won a few awards for that. And of course, won the hs spelling bee. I like to think I'm diverse. Ok - and I was a little more than stuck up, and not so nice to everyone. (wow, and that's so unlike me!)

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    Well, I'll post now and check back in 4 years and see how different I am

    I am on the Field Hockey team and Soccer teamand a straight A student
    very shy, and VERY clean. I just don't understand people who get drunk anddo drugs... (why are they screwing their lives over?) I suppose I hang out with the female jocks of the school.. everyone does sports (except one girl who just moved here from Russia and doesn't know anyone so she just latched on to us.. but thats another story. ) I am in no way shape or form a party-er and I don't go to dances. I'm way too self conscious to dance. I suppose I'm a somewhat of a nerd. I like doing homework? Its all so easy though, I could do it in my sleep. The only class that's hard for me is Art because I'm so uncreative. I LOVE Geometry and Biology and French. I hate Drivers Ed because my teacher's a butt and same with English. No boyfriend for me, I had one in 6th grade, but I wasn't happy with him but I was too shy to break up with him. We went out for... 6 months? And not a single guy has liked me since then. Oh well, I'll live with it

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    Interesting thread to read.

    In high school I knew everything. Literally. Since then it's been all downhill and no end at sight Well, it was fun as long as it lasted

    I did not belong to the popular crowd or the nerd crowd, I was floating in between. Although I much preferred and leaned slightly more towards the nerd crowd.

    I was the first one to wear a bicycle helmet. We didn't have closed lockers, so it was on the hat shelf for everyone to see - I remember one of the "popular" guys telling me one day something like "Jesus, who the hell would wear something like that..." (He did not know it was mine) to which I calmly answered "I", I very much enjoyed his facial expression after that.

    I lived/studied a year abroads, in Germany, and due to that had to leave my lovely nerd class (I really liked that class).

    I also was late almost every morning. My inner clock just runs a couple minutes behind... Bad habit I still have not been able to break.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    Interesting thread to read.

    In high school I knew everything. Literally. .
    I often wish I knew half of what I thought I knew in high school
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    Well, I'll post now and check back in 4 years and see how different I am
    Everytime I read your posts pinkie, I have a hard time remembering how young you are. Sounds like to me you just need to maintain what you are doing and you'll turn out just fine. Your parents are probably so proud of you.
    About the field hockey thing, I had 2 sisters who used to work for me that were into field hockey. Their mom coached their high school team. They both ended up with scholarships. Now one of them coaches the high school team that her mom used to. She was academic All-American in college at Ohio University and the other sister played for one of the top ranked teams in the nation at Providence College. So you never know, you might get college paid for with your skills.

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    I was pretty much invisible in HS. I went to a pretty large school (4000 students) I'm pretty shy, much more so then so I just sort of faded into the background. I wasn't good at many sports so I didn't play on any teams. Another thing was that I was in all the "smart" classes, but all my friends were, I won't say stupid because for the most part they weren't, but just not students. You know the kind - the kids who had the same notebook for all four years of school. The kids in the classes I was in were real dweebs. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being smart, but these kids were genuine sticks in the mud.
    By the time my senior year rolled around I was spending more time hanging out in the woods behind school drinking beer and smoking cigarettes than I did in school. Not because iI was cutting class - I didn't need to My first semester of senior year I had five classes so I was out by 11:30 or 12:00 or somthing like that and in thspring semester I had 4 classes I think I was out around 11:00. (I didn't spend all my time hanging out - I had a job from 4 - 8 monday to friday, and I did graduate in the top 50 in a class of over 900.)

    In retrospect it probably wasn't the best way to spend HS and if I had to do it over I would do it differently.

    Now college -that was another story. Wait, not too much different, spent must of those years drunk or hungover - I did manage to graduate w/ a 3.24 GPA. though.
    Some people are like slinkies, they're useless until you push them down the stairs.

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    I was a non-popular antisocial slacker with only one friend and no girlfriends. I hated studying, I hated most of my fellow students, and I didn't even like myself very much. Basically I slept through class and then went home and played video games. In college it was the same, except add booze to the mix. I do pretty much the same now, except substitute class for work...

    I used to hate it when my teachers would always tell me "you're not living up to your full potential. You could be doing so much better in my class". And I would think "Yeah, but class sucks, so I don't want to do better."
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    I was friends with all kinds of people, but didn't really fit into one certain group.
    I hated carrying books, so most of them got left in my messy locker.
    I had a whole plethora of crushes.
    I was known as a smartalec and as a trouble maker.
    I was charming enough that the teachers didn't mind.
    I used to try to bribe my gym teachers so I didn't have to change and do anything that early in the morning.
    I was entertainment editor of the School Newspaper.
    I cheated on tests.
    I had a weird sense of style.
    I took a lot of art courses.
    I was still a dork.

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    I was a band geek (freshman year-Clarinet, Sophomore and junior year-Bass Clarinet, Senior year-Contrabass Clarinet)
    Drama Club-I had the lead in Barefoot In The Park with my now husband as my leading man
    DECA-Won 4th in the state in job interview

    I wasn't a geek but I wasn't real popular, I hung around the younger kids and was slightly preppy.

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    A kindered spirit, I also played bass clarinet (less competition)!
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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