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Thread: What were you in high school?

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    you guys really worked.

    What Bill said
    I think I mighta gone to the same H.S as J.R

    I loved school for all the wrong reasons.

    I was one of the first out of a large group of girls and guys to get a car and we nicknamed it the Blue Bomber.

    Everyone would fight to get in it so we could get out of school as fast as possible.

    We'd hang out in the bathroom most of the time and lunch was our favorite time of the day.

    I was in detention a lot and my parents got sick of bringing me back (my poor Mum)

    I wanted $ so I quit school at the beginning of my Sr. year.

    I don't have any regrets. I got my G.E.D and went to college for 4 years - not straight through because I married and had a baby

    I see my daugther now though and she's so different. She is into dance theater at the H.S and sports and involved and been to the proms and I find myself sad that I missed a lot (at times)
    And I love that she is an honor student and knows where she wants to go to college.

    I had a lot of fun and wouldn't go back and change it.

    Still, nice to see my daughter doing all that I didn't do.

    I love going to my H.S reunions and I also go to the class from the year before me. I've been to about 5 now and they are a blast.
    Most of my class just partied. Something to do with the late 70s early 80s I guess.

    good idea for a thread Joddar. (thinking Joddar was superman in H.S)

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    I was:

    pretty much a geek in a family of jocks/cheerleaders
    violinist (All-City, All-State and in our local professional symphony)
    pianist for choir
    under-achiever - I got B's without doing my homework...heh heh
    in cross-country for a year
    in accelerated English
    worked in a restaurant
    one date - though I was "the buddy" that guys came to for relationship advice - that pretty much sucked rocks
    didn't drink, smoke, do drugs or stay out past curfew and was a virgin

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    Great thread! Jodaar....did you just wanna brag or what? lol

    Band Dork(Symphonic, Marching, Orchestra, Jazz percussionist)
    Started Men's Volleyball club which later became state sanctioned sport.
    National Honor Society.
    Ferris Bueller-like in my friendships. Several very close friends, but basically friends with everyone.
    A student without much studying...I basically slept through Geometry, got an A, and a comment from the teacher saying I didnt apply myself!! (Mom and Dad saw the comment and yelled at me...."but Mom, I got an A!")
    Had one girlfriend in HS, and she ended up breaking my heart!
    No Drugs, but alcohol was readily available....I had older brothers!
    "You don't own a TV?!? What's all your furniture pointed at?" Joey Tribianni

    It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.

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    Originally posted by Zhora
    .... I didn’t really get into high school all that much. It seemed like a total waste of time. Everyone knew me, and I felt pretty well liked by everyone, but that whole “in” crowd thing was a total turn off. By the time I was a junior almost all of my friends were in college. I just couldn’t wait for high school to end.
    this sounds exactly like me, z!!

    if i were to list what i was in high school... i'd have to say a quitter.
    i was on tennis team my freshman year, then i quit.
    i was on drillteam my sophmore year and in the middle of my junior year, i quit.
    i was in a few clubs (spanish club, literary society, club med (honors biology club), youth against cancer (?)) but i quit them all.
    i was in honor society. didn't quit that one.

    i remember i was voted band favorite when i was in drillteam. i have a little plaque and everything! ha!

    i was the girl that graduated high school as an honor grad and member of nat'l honor society that skipped 64 days of her senior year!

    high school sucked. it was boring and tedious. i pretty much dated the same guy all four years (with a couple of breaks in between) and he graduated 2 years before me, so i was just waiting to graduate so i could hang with my friends again.

    i did have a teacher tell me that i had the worst case of senioritis she had ever seen.

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    I see that my clone has posted so I'll defend my originality now.

    I was voted Most Service to the School.
    A nice way of saying dull but dependable.

    Senior class pres. VP of county Teen Leadership Council.
    County March of Dimes teen chair.
    Cut from frosh football but started varsity the next 3 years.
    Track and wrestling too. Senior year, swimming team just for the tan.
    Dad was on the school board so I had to be good.
    Boy did I change in college!!

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    What a neat little thread. I was looking to see if someone had posted a thread about high school reunions and ran across it. I have decided to give it mouth to mouth and bring it back to life.

    In high school, I was:

    A clean and sober virgin
    A geek
    First flute in band and state
    Governor's Scholar
    School Newspaper Editor
    Academic Team member
    Skeet Shooting champ
    Choir Member
    Did I mention geek (or is that becoming obvious?)
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

    "I'll just see where Providence takes me and try to look like I got there confidently." - Craig Ferguson

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    How funny that there's a thread for this!
    In high school I was:

    Fourth in my class
    First flute, total band geek... this one time in band camp - I really do have stories! What? You don't want to hear them?
    Clean and sober virgin (like SG)
    Regional forensics champ (but for spelling. How nerdy. I got to go to state three years, though).
    Member of the One-Act play competition (we also went to state)
    Leader of the Academic Team's history team
    As indicated by the above list, general all-around geeky nerd.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    A geek during Secondary 1.
    Naughty - I bullied my friend in Secondary 2 with sex stories about him. The re-make of "Cinderella".
    Sleepy. Sleeping in class is so nice to sleep.
    Noisy. (Secondary 2 onwards)

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    I was an interesting mix of former cheerleader turned band clarinetist, not really a geek though cos my older brother's football god status rubbed off on me and gave me credence with the cool kids. I was also quite the little metal head.
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    In highschool I was:
    Anti-social (I was never comfortable talking to people that I don't know, so moving in grade 10 kind of screwed me over for the rest of highschool)

    Straight A student

    Squeaky clean.

    In the choir. Tried acting, once or twice, but soon realized that I wasn't at all talented in that department.

    My favourite classes were English, and Art.

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