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Thread: Does anyone have an LJ code?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinginChick
    Live Journal, it's like an online journal...I don't know why you need a code but you do, I said LJ because I knew that anyone who had one would know what LJ is.
    It never crossed my mind when I read it that LJ stands for LiveJournal. I must've forgotten about it for the moment. You need an LJ code to get a free LiveJournal. Otherwise you have to pay, I think. They say that there's an alternative to having people give you the code or paying, but it's never worked when I tried it.

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    well i guess if you want free, and on someone else's server... it might have to be blogspot. Thats why I did mine there. God forbid I actually PAY for something.

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    Hey.. you could ask maleady33 for one. Since I just passed her a code.

    Then you could pass haejin11377 one too after you got a code.

    Oh John, I wouldn't have known what's Lj too if I wasn't a member.
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