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Thread: Addictions...

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    I'm addicted to cigarettes, diet Pepsi, reallity tv and FORT message boards & recaps.

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    Originally posted by angelic_one2002
    What is your Favorite brand of coffee, GrammarGoddess? I love it, too.
    I order from Montana Coffee Traders about 3 times a month...lol. I'm not big on flavored coffee (and HATE flavored creamers) but I do have a weakness for pure Kona coffee, not blended Kona which is what most in the stores is. Pure Kona can be as expensive as Jamaican Blue Mountain, but is richer and deeper than JBM, a fairly mild to medium coffee.

    I will go to Starbucks because it's convenient. I will never EVER drink any coffee that comes out of a can, has boiling water added to it, or that has any type of creamer except real 1/2 and 1/2.

    I guess I am a snobby addict...heh heh.

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    Low-class coffee addict here! I'm happy with Starbucks coffee, and others whose names I don't know. Some I've had are pretty terrible, but that's easily remedied with my other addiction: Hazelnut Coffeemate. I also like flavored coffees, especially when flavored with Kahlua or Amaretto! (No, those are NOT among my addictions--no alcoholic coffee in the morning for me. . .lol )
    [Side note: my husband simply HAD to try Jamaican Blue Mountain, simply because it's expensive. After much resistance, I broke down and bought him some, and I thought it was rather weak.]

    other addictions: chocolate, music, photography, Clay Aiken, FORT, dying my hair-- pretty much anything, but I try to keep it somewhat healthy!

    P.S. GrammarGoddess, I feel extra conscious of my grammar when you're around. I'm terrible with commas, and I'm ADDICTED to "--" and ". . ." Just for you though, I edited to eliminate a dangling preposition!

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